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Welcome to Issue 67 of Credit Insurance News Digest. This issue is kindly sponsored by STA International.
Credit Insurance News
Laing O’Rourke moves to quell credit insurance jitters. Construction Enquirer has published an article, 'Laing O’Rourke moves to quell credit insurance jitters', which reports that Laing O’Rourke is acting to calm subcontractor's concerns after some underwriters have reputedly refused to issue fresh trade credit cover. One subcontractor told the Enquirer: “We have been told that no new cover is available on Laing O’Rourke although all existing policies are being held.” Another firm said its previous cover had been reduced and now brokers were struggling to improve the limits. A director said: “We have been told the underwriters are awaiting an update on forecasts for 2016 before cover will be written." To read the article on Construction Enquirer's website go to
Atradius forecasts that business bankruptcies in the Eurozone will be 67% higher this year than in 2007. Atradius' latest Insolvency Forecasts  have predicted that insolvencies are set to fall by only 3% across advanced markets in 2016 - the worst performance since 2012. Business risks are also expected to increase in 2016, despite the positive developments seen in 2015, and Atradius expects very little to no improvement in the majority of markets in 2016. In the Eurozone as a whole, the total number of businesses forecast to go bankrupt in 2016 is also still 67% higher than in 2007, while the level of business bankruptcies around the periphery of the Eurozone remains remarkably higher than before the onset of the global financial crisis. For example, Portugal’s level is 4.4 times higher than in 2007; Italy’s is 2.8; and Spain’s is 2.5. To read Atradius' news release go to
Australian credit insurance premiums could become firmer in 2016. Insurance Business has published an article, ''Key cover ‘may’ see firmer premiums', which warns that premiums in the Australian trade credit space could become firmer over the coming year as major insolvencies (such as Dick Smith and Laura Ashley) and claims events stack up. Kirk Cheesman, managing director of NCI, told Insurance Business: “High profile insolvencies always make trade suppliers revisit their large exposures and consider insuring their ‘impact’ credit risks. Mr Cheesman also cautioned that the failure of Dick Smith illustrates that any company can become insolvent. To read the article on Insurance Business' website go to
Euler Hermes rolls-out its Simplicity product in the US. Simplicity is a fixed price product designed specifically for businesses with $1-$5 million in annual sales and is specifically intended for companies that are new to credit insurance. Coverage on all buyers (domestic and export in 32 countries) is obtainable within one day. “According to a recent study, as many as 82% of business failures are due to poor cash management,” said James Daly, president and CEO of Euler Hermes Americas. “With Simplicity, small business owners can safely extend credit to domestic and international customers."  To read Euler Hermes' news release go to
Henderson buys John Reynolds Group. Insurance Age has published an article, 'Henderson buys John Reynolds Group' which reports that Henderson Insurance has bought Manchester-headquartered John Reynolds Group. According to Insurance Age, an industry insider speculated that adding the two elements together would leave Henderson with over £50 million of credit business which could make it the largest private credit insurance broker in the world. In a statement John Reynolds advised Credit Insurance News Digest that the intention is for the two businesses to be merged no later than 1st May 2016 into one entity, which will be run on a day to day basis by joint Managing Directors, Peter Hodgson and Paul Martin. All staff at both companies will be retained and as with the Henderson philosophy, investment will be made throughout the businesses. HIG will now generate revenues in excess of £35 million for the calendar year 2016. To read Insurance Age's article go to
Euler Hermes forecasts that the UK's recovery cycle is drawing to a close. According to a new report by Euler Hermes, UK GDP growth is set to weaken to 2.1% this year and 1.9% in 2017 (down from 2.4% in 2015). Strain is also evident in the corporate sector: capacity utilisation rates signal a slowdown in investment, foreign direct investment has already started to slow down (exacerbated by Brexit), and exporters may suffer weak price competitiveness due to the appreciation in sterling. Ludovic Subran, chief economist at Euler Hermes, said: “Since 2013 UK’s real GDP has exceeded the pre-crisis levels of 2008. However, the UK’s unbalanced economy continues to be driven mainly by services. This contrasts with our predicted slowdown in construction, manufacturing, business investment and consumer spending, which are setting the tone for an end to the UK’s post-recession growth cycle in 2016.” To read Euler Hermes' news release go to
Credit insurance in Australia is growing as a result of an uncertain market. Insurance Business has published an article, 'Key cover sees ‘significant increase’ in which Mark Hoppe, managing director of Atradius ANZ, reports that trade credit cover has seen a significant increase in uptake across Australia over the last six months. Mr Hoppe noted that rising interest rates, China’s slowing economy (China is Australia's biggest trading partner) and increased expansion into new markets are the main drivers behind the uptick in interest in the cover. To read the article on Insurance Business' website go to
Brexit would hit British chemicals firms hardest. According to new analysis from Euler Hermes, in the worst case event of a Brexit without a replacement Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union, UK-based companies in sectors highly dependent on the European market would be hardest hit. The potential £7 billion loss in sales by chemical companies would be followed by the machinery and equipment sectors (£3.5 billion loss) and the automotive industry (£3 billion loss). Euler Hermes also estimates that the turnover of British companies would contract by -1% per year on average, compared to a current predicted growth rate of +4% on average after 2017 if the UK remained in the EU. This could result in losses of up to £30 billion or 8% of UK total goods exports. To read Euler Hermes' news release go to
Credit Insurers seem to be taking a cautious approach in the Middle East. Astreos Credit has published an 'Overview of Credit Insurance in The United Arab Emirates' which advises that although the trade credit insurance is in its infancy as far as the Middle East is concerned, the trade credit market has been growing on average of 20% year on year on gross written premiums and new insurers are entering the market. However recently, following a spate of recent losses coming mainly from the food, oil and jewellery business, credit insurance underwriters seem to be taking a cautious approach. "We have seen frequent cancellation and reduction of limits". To read Astreos' article go to!Overview-of-Credit-Insurance-in-the-United-Arab-Emirates-2016/ceze/56a65b3f0cf22a61cccc34ca.
Garant cautions against allowing economic doom to become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Michael Frank, CEO of Garant, has published an article, 'Fear is the path to the dark side… ' which comments that in a globalised and connected world, markets tend to overreact to bad economic news and media and commentators serve as amplifiers. However, Mr Frank stresses there is "still plenty of room for good projects and nice business opportunities" and when the going gets tougher, sound risk management becomes even more important. Political Single Risk insurance is one tool that financial institutions active in international trade finance use to hedge their risks, while for exporters and traders a Single Risk insurance policy often serves as a security when trying to obtain trade finance from their banks. He concludes: "It is not all gloomy in global trade business and by realising this an important step has been made to prevent doom from spreading further and becoming a self fulfilling prophecy" "To borrow a line from “Star Wars” - Fear is the path to the dark side...” To read Garant's news release go to
Credit Insurance can 'protect the lifeblood' of American businesses. Smart Business has published an article, 'Protect the lifeblood of your business', which reports that trade credit insurance is commonly left out of the mix when American companies consider their insurance requirements. However, although only "15 to 20% of American companies currently purchase trade credit insurance", the popularity of the product is growing. Smart Business spoke with Joseph L. Feigenbaum, Vice President at Woodruff-Sawyer & Co, about the value of trade credit insurance and how it can strengthen a company’s financial future. To read the article on Smart Business' website go to
Allied World launches suite of trade credit and political risk insurance products in Canada. Allied World Assurance Company Holdings have announced that its suite of trade credit and political risk insurance products are now available in Canada, as part of the Global Crisis Management Division (GCMD). Kent Paisley, senior vice president of the GCMD and an industry veteran with more than 25 years of trade credit insurance experience, leads the product group and will serve Canada from Allied World’s Toronto offices.  To read AWAC's news release go to
A condensed view of country risk assessments published by Atradius, Coface, Credimundi and Euler Hermes. AU Group has published its latest AU G Grade for 1st quarter 2016 to provide an at-a-glance picture of major tends and the levels of risk for more than 140 countries. The AU G Grade is based on the individual assessment of a country by each of the 4 main credit insurers, Atradius, Coface, Credimundi and Euler Hermes - who collectively represent billions of euros transactions - but condensed and presented as a single score. In addition, the report provides 7 key indicators provided by the IMF Statistics Department. To obtain a copy of the free report go to
Atradius publishes 12 new country reports. Atradius has published a series of new detailed country reports for Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, all of which contain an overview of each country's insolvency environment, economic situation and industries performance forecast. Overall, India´s economic outlook is the most promising in Asia in 2015 and 2016, with GDP forecast to increase 7.3% and 7.6% respectively. In contrast, Australia's Australia´s GDP growth is expected to slow to 2.3% in 2015 and 2.1% in 2016. To find the reports go to
Why US companies use trade credit insurance. Trade Financing Network has published an article, '4 Reasons why companies use trade credit insurance', which describes some of the common reasons why US companies buy trade credit insurance (i.e., to provide incremental sales, for default risk protection, as a financing tool and as a cost reduction tool to reduce bad debt reserves), and suggests that insurance cover to facilitate financing and lending on foreign receivables lending appears to be an area of growing opportunity. To read the article go to
Euler Hermes predicts that insolvencies in South Africa will increase by around 10%. BDlive has published an article which cautions that as the outlook for South Africa’s economy becomes bleaker and insolvencies rise, businesses need to pay closer attention to their financial health to avoid getting into bigger trouble. Euler Hermes' latest outlook 2015-16 report which states that insolvencies in SA will increase roughly 10% is noted. Earlier this month the World Bank noted that the SA economy was "flirting with stagnation, if not recession", and projected growth of 0.8% for this year. To read the article on BDLive's website go to
Buyer Confirmed Receivables – Wider Market Implications. Igor Zax, managing director of Tenzor Ltd, has published a new article, 'Buyer Confirmed Receivables – Wider Market Implications', in the World Supply Chain Finance Report 2016, a publication by BCR/Factorscan. The article is focused on use of buyer confirmed receivables across a variety of financing products, such as credit insurance, secularisation, alternative finance, distribution finance, as well as it’s technological and strategic implications. To read the article, please go to
AIG launches a new, free, 'AIG for Business' App. The 'AIG Beyond Insurance' section of AIG's new app has been developed and structured into four distinct areas, and contains a 'Credit Management' section which is devoted to AIG Trade+ (non cancellable limits with ground-up cover). The app is available from both the App store or Google Play.
And Finally . . .
Congratulations and thanks. Congratulations to all winners at last week's CICM Awards Dinner. Equinox Global was named 'Credit Insurer of the Year', Graydon UK was named 'Credit Information Provider of the Year', and EFCIS were named ' Credit Insurance Broker of the Year'. To see a full list of all Award winners go to On a personal note, I would like to thank Tinubu Square and Mike Feldwick, Anna Matthews and Martin Sheppard for inviting me and being such fabulous hosts. 
Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses. STA International has published a useful new free guide, 'Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses', which gives a detailed overview of the importance of cash flow management and common cash flow 'killers' (late payment, unexpected expenses, not wanting to offend etc), tips for cash flow forecasting and invoicing and a step-by-step guide to getting paid. A section on late payment legislation stresses that the legislation's aim, in addition to giving claimants protection against companies who don’t pay on time, is to encourage those companies to pay on time in the first place and resolve these issues before they occur. However, in those instances where debt collection is needed, this may be free: "A Debt Collection Agency can charge its collection costs to late paying customers and this provides a free-of-charge collection service when they are successful." To obtain a copy of the Guide go to
Business Information
January sales revive the fortunes of the UK High street. According to BDO’s monthly High Street Sales Tracker (HSST), bargain hunters came out in force last month to give the UK high street a boost at the beginning of 2016. BDO’s HSST recorded a 1.4% growth in year-on-year sales for January. Fashion sales were particularly strong, recording a year-on-year rise of 1.9% for the whole of January. The lifestyle sector increased sales by 0.3% and homewares sales grew by 0.8%. Non-store sales rose by 20.2% compared to the same period last year. BDO advised that retailers will be breathing a sigh of relief after BDO’s December figures recorded the worst Christmas trading figures on the high street since 2008 (down 5.3% year-on-year). To read BDO's news release go to
UK economic growth expected to remain solid, while India is a beacon among emerging markets. The CBI's latest quarterly forecast predicts that the UK will remain among the fastest growing advanced economies this year, although it has downgraded its GDP growth forecast for both 2016 (to 2.3%, from 2.6% in November) and 2017 (to 2.1%, down from 2.4%). Globally, the CBI predicts that India is a beacon among emerging markets, with growth likely to remain around 7% in 2016 and 2017, outpacing China (5.7% in both 2016 and 2017). The US is also on a firm trajectory (with growth at 2.3% for 2016 and 2017) and the Eurozone’s recovery continuing to move in the right direction (predicted growth of 1.7% in 2016 rising to 1.9% in 2017). To read the CBI's news release go to
Exporting on the up for UK small businesses. According to the new Barclays’ Business Abroad Index, which tracked overseas payments made to its business customers, UK businesses saw a rise of 6% in total payments from Europe during 2015 compared to 2014, while of the top ten export destinations for UK SMEs, four fifths were in Europe. Germany was the UK’s primary exporting partner for the year to December, with payments from Germany to UK SMEs increasing by 6%. The second and third most popular export destinations were France and the US, with inbound payments from France seeing the biggest rise (up one place compared to the previous year). While it remained out of the top ten in 18th position, exports to China from the UK continued to grow at a steady rate, up 21% in the same period. To read the press release go to
Berlin sets the pace for European business growth. New analysis published by Creditsafe has revealed that Berlin has witnessed an 22% increase in the number of active businesses in the last 18 months, significantly ahead of Paris (14%) and London (9%). In contrast, Brussels is struggling for economic growth having witnessed a 0.7% contraction in the number of active companies in the period. Creditsafe’s analysis also highlights the relatively low rate of business failure in London compared to other major European capital cities. In the 18 month period analysed, London had a business failure rate of just 0.39% compared to Berlin’s 0.75% failure rate. Both capitals compare extremely favourably to Paris where business failures reached 2.95% and Brussels at 3.15%. To read Creditsafe's news release go to
A decreasing annual trend in UK company insolvencies since 2011. Latest data published by The Insolvency Service has shown that a total of 14,629 companies entered into insolvency in 2015 -10% lower than the total in 2014 and the lowest annual total since 1989 (when 10,456 companies entered insolvency). There has been a decreasing annual trend in company insolvency since 2011. However, Phillip Sykes, president of R3, cautioned that although the falling price of a barrel of oil has helped businesses to bring costs down, it is causing a considerable degree of difficulty for those in the sector. "While many oil and gas businesses are currently undergoing a period of restructuring, if they are unable to cut costs sufficiently we may see a wave of insolvencies in the sector in future quarters particularly among the smaller firms.” To read R3's news release go to
Moderate UK GDP figures suggest a three-tier economy. Preliminary UK GDP figures for Q4 201, published by the ONS indicates that annual GDP growth in the fourth quarter was 1.9%, and for 2015 as a whole the pace of expansion was 2.2% - well below the 2.9% recorded in 2014. David Kern, Chief Economist of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC), commented: “The GDP figures demonstrate that the recovery remains fragile. While the services sector continues to grow, production is close to stagnation and the construction sector is now in recession. Every effort must be made to support both these sectors as we seek to rebalance the economy.” To read the BCC's news release go to
UK retail failures down by 19% in 2015 as the high street continues to evolve. According to analysis from Deloitte, the number of retailers entering administration fell from 119 in 2014 to 96 during 2015 - a decrease of 19%. The number of administrations in all sectors in England also fell from 1,302 in 2014 to 1,147 companies last year - a 12% decrease. Lee Manning, restructuring services partner at Deloitte, said: “The annual data reminds us that administration is being used less and less as a restructuring tool, especially by the medium and larger players in the retail sector. Solvent restructuring practices are more common due to the current availability of funding and a pattern is emerging whereby we are working with companies on restructuring and refinancing.” To read Deloitte's news release go to
The top five risks facing the US in 2016. Dun & Bradstreet has published a new report, 'The top five risks facing the US in 2016' which reports that more than six years after the Great Recession (December 2007-June 2009) ended, a variety of risks still plague the global economy and that 2016 has already got off to a volatile start. Against this backdrop, Dun & Bradstreet’s US Economics team has identified the following top headwinds to the US economy, including: the strong dollar, spillover from the Chinese slowdown and a slump in oil prices. To read D&B's paper go to
UK profit warnings hit seven year high. According to EY’s latest Profit Warnings report, UK quoted companies issued 313 profit warnings in 2015, up from 299 in the previous year and the highest annual total since 2008. The report also found that the final quarter of 2015 saw 100 profit warnings issued from 7.3% of UK quoted companies, representing the highest quarterly total since Q1 2009 and the highest percentage of companies warning in a single quarter since Q4 2001. During 2015, 17.3% of current UK quoted companies warned. To read EY's news release go to
UK manufacturing output shrinks for the first time in nearly three years. According to the latest Business Trends report from BDO, in a sign of decreasing global confidence the BDO manufacturing sub-index has dropped to 94.7 (note: the 95 level separates growth and decline). This is the first time in over two and a half years (since May 2013) that UK manufacturing output has shrunk. In comparison, UK services output continues to be well above the long term trend reaching 103.2 in January’s survey - indicating a growing imbalance between UK manufacturing and UK services. To read BDO's news release go to
Career Opportunities
Trade Credit Senior Underwriter - New Business. London.
AIG are hiring a Senior Portfolio Administrator to act as a single point of contact for Portfolio Managers, Traders, and Insurance Companies in respect to Operations activities on the respective assigned portfolios. 
Key Responsibilities: Perform portfolio administration activities for assigned portfolios - cash management support, asset and cash reconciliations, cash instruction, trade execution support, cash projections, credit impaired and month end processes, with the objective of increasing client satisfaction and delivering the service efficiently. Support Managers and leadership in partnering with clients, Portfolio managers, GS (information technology/ middle office/ reference data), Compliance, Legal, and ORM Internal & External Audit staff to further develop/ enhance processes, procedures and practices that support product and service requirements. Contribute to addressing service issues with custodians and counterparties. Contribute to drafting and maintaining Portfolio Administration procedures for assigned portfolios. Contribute subject matter expertise to initiatives impacting the Portfolio Administration function. Collaborate effectively with risk management to reduce operational risk for portfolio administration activities.
Job Requirements: Decision maker with proven experience working within financial services. Experience in trade processing / settlements. Experience using Custodian online platforms. Client reporting experience an advantage. Detail oriented with sound analytical skills and ability to prioritise tasks. Good communication / interpersonal skills, Team oriented with a flexible work approach. Good organisational and time management with an ability to work to deadlines and under pressure.
To apply for this position, Click here. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
Political Risk & Structured Credit Underwriter, London, c.£60,000 DOE.
 This high profile Lloyds Syndicate with a prominent box position is looking to further expand their underwriting team within Political & Credit Risks with the appointment of an Underwriter or Assistant Underwriter. This role has arisen due to further growth within the book and volume of enquiries across the spectrum of products. The syndicate underwrite the full suite of Lloyds compliant risks (CEND, CF & CR) and the team is led by a very highly regarded Class Underwriter.
You will be responsible for managing enquiries at the box and the office, quoting within your authority, scratch endorsements, analyse the portfolio, engage in peer review meetings, review wordings, liaison with internal teams e.g. claims & exposure management, etc. As you progress you’ll be given increased levels of authority and will be expected to fully underwrite risks autonomously. A key part of the role will be broker liaison and management and you will be expected to network both formally and socially with brokers to market the syndicate appropriately. Working within a smaller team will give you a great deal of personal responsibility and help grow your market profile considerably.
 To be considered you should have around 2-3 years’ experience within a company or syndicate Political Risk & Structured Credit team, ideally you will already have some quoting authority but this isn’t essential. If this role interests you then please contact me on to arrange a confidential discussion. 
(Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
Trade Credit Account Handler, Leeds City Centre. £25,000 - £35,000.
 I am delighted to be working in partnership with a National Insurance Broker, who have a substantial network of offices throughout the UK, ensuring that they have a very strong local presence, and are able to provide outstanding levels of service. Due to a substantial period of growth my client is looking to recruit a new member to work within the Trade Credit Team within their Leeds City Centre arm. If you are an individual who has previously had exposure to Trade Credit Insurance and is looking for career and salary advancement then this may be the role for you. It would be the opportunity to deal with some larger sized businesses and have the ability to deal with more technically advanced cases. Alternatively my client will look at individuals who are experienced Commercial Account Handlers, and are interested in moving into Trade Credit, and can demonstrate an awareness in this area.
As a successful candidate you will be: Responsible for a book of Trade Credit Clients Dealing with larger end businesses and more technically based cases. Supporting the Account Executives Chasing Credit limits Monitoring Overdue payments Liaison with Underwriters Being reactive to the clients needs and taking ownership of tasks In return you will have the opportunity to be part of a massively successful firm of Insurance Brokers, as well as have the opportunity to carve out a career within this niche area of Trade Credit, should you desire. Salary is very much dependent upon experience and ranges from £25,000 - £35,000.
 In order to speak further, in confidence please contact Helen Spriggs on 0113 2368957 or email your CV to
(Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
Credit Insurance Account Handler, Yorkshire. Generous salary (depending on experience) and benefits package, company car or allowance.
Due to the continued acquisition of quality accounts, the specialist Trade Credit Division has retained Aston Charles to assist in the appointment of a Credit Insurance Account Handler. This firm is long- established in the Yorkshire region and is well known for its friendly, supportive and technically- orientated staff. You will be supporting Account Executives and Directors in the smooth running of their portfolios, including administering mid-term amendments, dealing with credit limit issues, as well as day to day enquiries. Clients will be from a variety of industry sectors, and will vary in size from SME’s, right through to very large, multinational concerns. In order to understand how businesses transact with each other, you will be commercially- minded and ideally have experience of working for a competing Credit insurance brokerage. However, we welcome applications from those candidates who have worked in ‘industry’ as a Credit Controller or similar, or those from a general personal/ commercial lines broking background. In order to build rapport and explain Credit insurance best practice with stakeholders at all levels, you must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrable negotiation skills are also a prerequisite. Having a relevant degree (Business Studies, Accountancy, Finance or Economics, for example), will add weight to your application, although this is by no means essential. In return, you will receive a generous basic salary (depending on experience) and benefits package, company car or allowance, and support towards professional qualifications. For more information and to apply contact Richard Jones at or call 0845 8388 490. 
(Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
New Appointments
Atradius has announced that it has moved into a new office suite in Birmingham and appointed Richard Reynolds as head of regional broker sales and head of commercial for the Midlands with Mary Ravenscroft taking up the role of head of distribution. Richard’s new role will involve further developing Atradius’ proposition within the Midlands.
Forthcoming Events
Featured Event
Coface Country Risk Conference 2016.
Thursday 9 June 2016.
RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES IN THE WORLD OF TRADE. The Conference will provide country and sector information to help companies and their advisers to identify the risks and rewards of trading in the UK and exporting. This will then help companies to develop a strategy to maximise their trading opportunities. During the half day event, experienced commentators provide insight on: UK Economy, Emerging Markets, Cyber Security, Geo-political Risks. Plus two Roundtables with further contributors from industry. Register your interest by emailing
GTR Africa Trade Finance Week, 2-4 March. Cape Town.
Regarded as the market’s leading pan-African trade finance gathering, GTR Africa Trade Finance Week will return to Cape Town in March 2016. Throughout the last decade the conference has provided the international trade finance community with an unrivalled forum for open discussion and debate on Africa’s trade potential and its priorities for the future. 2016’s conference will build on this established reputation, welcoming on and off-stage participation from the continent’s leading corporates, FIs, regulators, risk managers, lawyers, insurers and all additional sectors involved in the development of one of the world’s most exciting and promising regions in which to do business.
Audience participation will form a key part of proceedings, while presentations, panel discussions and case studies will offer practical guidance for those looking to increase their working footprint in Africa. This will be supported by focused streams and dedicated workshops, while the many networking breaks built into the agenda will provide ample opportunities for attendees to meet with the market’s primary decision makers, all representing a diverse mix of countries from across the continent.
15% discount for Credit Insurance News Readers with CIN15 - go to
GTR’s Australia Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference, 7-8 March. Sheraton on the Park, Sydney.
Sydney will once again play host to GTR’s Australia Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference, at the Sheraton on the Park on March 7-8. Attracting high level business leaders from across the domestic and international trade and supply chain finance community, over 250 delegates are expected to attend to discuss the current landscape of trade within Australia as well as explore new strategies going forward. Networking sessions throughout the day will provide ample opportunities to establish new relationships with key industry players as well as become reacquainted with old contacts surrounding with the aim of developing business across Australia and throughout the region.
15% discount for Credit Insurance News Readers with CIN15 - go to
Receivables Finance International - RFIx. 9-10 March 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.
This well established market leading two-day Convention brings together nearly 200 delegates from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, attracted by the quality of speakers, panel discussions and wide-ranging subject matter. The theme for 2016 is being developed now. To get involved, please contact Malou Lindholm, Director, BCR Publishing. For more information go to
Financial Supply Chain. 17-18 March, Barcelona.
We invite you to join us on the 17th and 18th of March 2016 at our exclusive, interactive Financial Supply Chain Conference, in Barcelona, Spain at Hotel Avenida Palace. The aim of the meeting is to bring together professionals (Head of Credit, Head of Finance, Head Treasury, Customer Supply Chain Director, Global Process Owner, Accounts Receivable, Global Cash Leader, Head of Cash Performance …) from the leading multinational organisations across the EMEA region to network, benchmark and find answers regarding Financial Process Optimisation, Quality Improvement, Cost Cutting & Efficiency.

Attendance of the meeting includes: Full access to all of the presentations, discussions and round table · All refreshments and lunches · The online documentation: strategic information from the conference (speakers’ presentations) that you can use later internally.
Axiom Groupe is a leader in international business meetings and communication, producing conferences, delivering business intelligence and strategic information For more information about the conference, feel free to contact us at
Coface Country Risk Conference 2016. Thursday 9 June 2016.
RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES IN THE WORLD OF TRADE. The Conference will provide country and sector information to help companies and their advisers to identify the risks and rewards of trading in the UK and exporting. This will then help companies to develop a strategy to maximise their trading opportunities. During the half day event, experienced commentators provide insight on: UK Economy, Emerging Markets, Cyber Security, Geo-political Risks. Plus two Roundtables with further contributors from industry. Register your interest by emailing
About this Issue's Sponsor: STA International
STA International is the recommended debt collection partner to four credit insurance underwriters. Systems alignment provides a secure and transparent service to reduce protracted default (PD) claims, and increase policyholders’ cash flow.
When UK and overseas accounts are referred at the end of the Maximum Extension Period (MEP) to STA, Late Payment Act interest and collection cost is added to the principal debt, and immediate contact made with the buyer.
This early intervention results in the majority of accounts being paid quickly, the policyholder receiving prompt remittance of the principal sum and interest, with STAs costs covered by the buyer paying the collection costs.
The underwriter has online access to each and every action taken by STA, including a consolidation of a single buyer across multiple policyholders. Simultaneously, the policyholder sees every STA action on each buyer it places for collection, along with collection success dashboard and recovery cost details.
With PD claims reduced for the underwriter, cash flow and premium protection maximised for the policyholder, STA provides a win-win solution to the challenges of cash collection.
To find out more, please contact Karl Hague on 01622 600921 or via email: or visit
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