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Welcome to Issue 65 of Credit Insurance News Digest. This issue is kindly sponsored by Nexus CIFS.
Credit Insurance News
Trade credit cover could become one of the hottest insurance items in Australia in 2016. Insurance Business has published an article, 'Specialist market expecting big 2016', which reports that trade credit insurance could be in line for a big 2016 in Australia thanks to a number of international issues that make the cover more attractive to clients. According to Mark Hoppe, managing director of Atradius, Australia and New Zealand, the downtrend of the Chinese economy, a fluctuating Australian dollar and a series of new international trade agreements could see the cover boosted throughout 2016. As a result, the article suggests that trade credit cover could become one of the hottest insurance items in 2016. Mr Hoppe noted that businesses and brokers are already preparing for the 2016 blitz. To read Insurance Business' article go to
Atradius anticipates round of UK retail insolvencies in New Year. An article in Retail Times warns that the New Year could start bleakly for some retailers with a fresh wave of insolvencies. Owen Bassett, senior risk underwriter at Atradius, observed that conditions for a strong retail performance this Christmas should be close to perfect – however, he fears that instead there may just be a perfect storm – with UK shoppers still hungry for bargains and discounting high. Mr Bassett said: “Retailers traditionally take upwards of 40% of their annual profits between October and December so it is a crucial time of year for them. Those who went into the fourth quarter needing – rather than wanting – a strong performance could be looking at a troubled future. Experience tells us that when retailers need an exceptional seasonal sales period and then hit financial difficulty, we often see failures in the first quarter." To read Retail Times' article go to
US Banks turn to trade credit insurance to help meet regulations. Best's News Service has published an article, 'Banks turning to trade credit insurance to help meet regulations', which reports that US banks and lending institutions are increasingly using trade credit insurance to bolster their bottom line, respond to competitive pressures and meet new, onerous capital regulatory standards. According to a new analysis by Stephen Kay, the US practice leader of political risk and structured credit practice at Marsh, “What is ‘new", is that banks have gradually become the single-largest client group that now buy coverage from political and credit risk insurers.” To read the article on Best's Insurance News and Analysis go to (subscription required).
Altech Computers blames credit insurance companies for its demise. ARN has published an article, 'Altech Computers blames credit insurance companies for its demise', which reports that Australian distributor Altech Computers has pointed the finger at credit insurance companies for its demise. Altech's managing director, Antony Sheen, said credit insurance companies were too negative, and when its credit cover was removed, the distributor instantly lost half of its turnover.  “This heavily damaged our cash flow,” Sheen told ARN. “We did our best, but more insurers were scared and it was like a chain reaction.” To read the article on ARN's website go to
Euler Hermes offers a policy extension to its UK customers who have been hit by flooding. Euler Hermes has advised that it is offering support to its UK clients in the North West who may have been hit by Storm Desmond or subsequent flooding to help them focus on getting their business up and running again. A new ‘30 day policy extension’ allows customers who are experiencing difficulties extra time to inform Euler Hermes of policy-related issues (including payment of premium and Service Fees, Overdue beyond MEP reporting, claims submissions etc). The extension will start from the day customers contact their account manager or insurance broker, and is available until 31 January 2016. To read Euler Hermes' news release go to
Roundtable discusses the Canadian credit insurance market. Insurance Business TV has posted three clips from a recent roundtable hosted by The Guarantee Company of North America to examine the Canadian credit insurance market.
The first in a three-part series examines how brokers can grow their book by taking advantage of this 'often overlooked insurance segment' (
The second clip examines how to better manage risk with an eye to growing sales (
The third clip takes a look at whether brokers are ready to step into the advisor role (
Overview of Credit Insurance in South Africa. Astreos Credit has published a detailed article, 'Overview of Credit Insurance in South Africa', which reports that the size of the credit insurance market in South Africa is increasing annually with an estimated market size at the end of 2014 of R1.2 billion premium. In addition, the industry is profitable with a historical combined claims and expense ratio of 90% to 93%. However, although sectors such as steel, IT and chemicals embrace credit insurance as a whole, overall penetration remains low due to the larger industries such as mining, motor and electricity generation not insuring at all. To read the full article on Astreos' website go to!Overview-of-Credit-Insurance-in-South-Africa/ceze/5672c0100cf2fb0fe5b22149.
Nexus CIFS review of UK trade sectors in 2015. Nexus CIFS has published a review of 2015 in which CIFS' underwriters reflect on the success stories and challenges of 2015. In 'Uncertain times for youth brands', Derryk Blackman comments on the retail sector; in 'Shaking up the big four', Natalie Pelczer reviews the food sector; in 'Tough times for steel and solar', Ian Selby, Paul Spinks and Mark Rogers look at the construction sector, and in 'A trillion pounds of export by 2020', Tony Smith reviews the last year and outlook for UK exporters. To read CIFS' article go to
Atradius warns that the first increase in US interest rates in almost 10 years may lead to trouble in emerging markets. Atradius has published a new Economic Research paper which warns that the first increase in US interest rates in almost 10 years is not expected to result in a large-scale crisis in emerging markets, but there are still risks. According to Atradius, the most vulnerable countries are Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa and Malaysia, which have high external borrowing requirements and relatively low buffers. Additionally, Atradius warns that heavily indebted corporates that are commodity dependent or operating in a shrinking economy might be vulnerable as well. To read Atradius' research go to
UAE Trade Credit Insurance agreement backed by Coface. CPI Financial has published an article, 'CBI and NGI sign trade credit insurance agreement, backed by Coface Credit Information Services', which reports that Commercial Bank International (CBI) and National General Insurance Co (NGI), a fully accredited national insurer, have signed an agreement to provide trade credit insurance in the UAE as part of CBI’s receivable financing services. The agreement is backed by Coface Credit Information Services. Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Middle East Countries at Coface Emirates Services commented, “This partnership enables Coface Emirates Services to provide credit opinion and information services to CBI and NGI, allowing them to make informed decisions to react faster to customers' demands and build up a competitive advantage by providing effective credit management information services.” To read CPI Financial's news release go to
Allianz Insurance and Euler Hermes issue a joint report for the UK construction market. Allianz Insurance and Euler Hermes have issued a joint report highlighting the need for brokers and clients to keep up to date with the changes in the construction industry. ‘Construction – Part 1: Market Outlook and Issues’, is the first in a series of two white papers and offers guidance on market conditions and some of the key trends that have implications for risk. Didier Moizo, construction sector analyst at Euler Hermes, said: “While the outlook is positive, major headwinds affecting the industry are unlikely to drop anytime soon. Pressure on cash flow together with increasing labour skills shortages and intensive competition highlight the need for regular dialogue between clients, brokers and underwriter." To read Euler Hermes' news release with a link to the full report go to
Coface's sector assessments: No improvements but new declines. Coface has published a new Panorama, 'Barometer sector risks in the World', which reports that in Q4 2015 there were more downgrades than upgrades in the levels of risk around the world. In the nine sectors of activity monitored by Coface economists in three large regions of the world, the biggest loser of the year was energy in the United States, while metals is the sector most at risk- assessed as ‘very high’ risk in emerging Asia and now also in Western Europe. “In 2015, sector risks have deteriorated in comparison to 2014”, commented Paul Chollet,economist at Coface. “One-third of the sectors are now assessed as ‘high’ or ‘very high’ risk, and no region is spared. To read Coface's news release with a link to the full report and useful infographic go to
Atradius warns that small businesses are most vulnerable to cyberthreats. The Daily Record has published an article on cyber threats in which Mike Rowan, regional manager for Atradius in Scotland, cautions: “When entering into a trading relationship you need to be sure that your customer is actually who they say they are. Buyer impersonation and fraud pose significant risks for businesses and cybercrime in particular is becoming more prevalent.” He also advises that small suppliers, who may not have the systems in place to detect fraud, are the most vulnerable and are more likely to feel to suffer in the event of a financial loss. To read the Daily Record article go to
Atradius expects UK food business insolvencies to increase by about 15% in 2015. Atradius has published a series of country specific Market Monitor reports, 'Focus on the food industry'. The UK report warns that the British food sector is facing decreasing profit margins due to a combination of intensifying price wars in the retail segment and a general trend of increased payment terms. As a result, food business insolvencies are expected to increase by about 15% in 2015. In contrast, profit margins of food businesses in the US are expected to remain stable in 2016, and the recent high level of mergers and acquisitions should result in fewer insolvencies. In addition to the UK and US, reports are available for Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Hungary, Russia and the Netherlands at
Euler Hermes and EOS announce the sale of its joint venture Bürgel to CRIF. Euler Hermes and EOS, the international provider of financial services, have announced an agreement with CRIF, a global company providing credit information services, credit and software solutions, headquartered in Bologna, Italy - for the share purchase of Bürgel Group (Bürgel). 100% of the shares will be transferred to CRIF. Currently Euler Hermes holds 50.1% and EOS 49.9% of the joint venture. Bürgel is one of the leading German business information companies with a 130 year track record and currently employs around 500 staff in Germany. CRIF and Bürgel are already business partners in Austria, Switzerland and various other markets. To read Euler Hermes' news release go to
Tinubu Square announces the opening of a new office in Montreal, Canada. Tinubu Square has announced the opening of a new office in Montreal, Canada under the direction of Jérôme Pezé, the founder of Tinubu. This development follows the expansion of Tinubu’s business in North America, which was recently augmented with the opening of an office in New York. Tinubu has also now entered into a number of partnerships with institutions in Canada, including EDC (Export and Development Canada) and The Guarantee Company of North America (The Guarantee). To read Tinubu's news release go to
Coface forecasts that by 2027 Asia will be that largest wine consumer in the World. Coface's latest Panorama report finds that although wine consumption is declining in Europe, it is rising in the rest of the World, and by 2027 demand will mainly be led by China and the United States. Currently, the three leading European producers account for two-thirds of wine exports, in terms of value and volume – but, Coface asks: "will Europe, faced with rising competition from the new world, be able to retain its leading position in wine trading?" To read Coface's news release with a link to the full report and useful infographic go to
And Finally . . .
Atradius UK has revamped its website, with a colour scheme and layout which reflects its Group branding. To see the changes go to
Business Information
UK retailers have experienced yet another year of dire Christmas trading. According to new research from Begbies Traynor, which tracked levels of corporate distress among UK businesses between 1 October and 17 December 2015, UK retailers have experienced yet another year of dire Christmas trading, with 24,737 retailers across the country now suffering ‘significant’ financial distress. Begbies Traynor suggests that the figures, which are marginally up compared to the same period last year (Q4 2014: 24,251), are even more concerning given today’s low inflationary environment and indicate that retailers’ drastic discounting over the past month has failed to draw in the crowds. The data shows that food retailers have been hit hardest, with an increase in ‘significant’ financial distress of 11% from 3,819 last year to 4,226 this quarter, as the supermarket price war continues to push margins to rock bottom levels and as families leave their big Christmas shop this year to the eleventh hour. To read Begbies Traynor's news release go to
Over 100,000 UK businesses owed money by insolvent companies and individuals in 2015. According to new research by R3, over 100,000 UK businesses were owed money by suppliers or customers entering an insolvency procedure during the last year. In total, 113,000 businesses, about 6% of all UK businesses, were creditors in an insolvency procedure in 2015. Medium-sized businesses – those employing 51-250 people – were most likely to have been exposed to another firm or individual’s insolvency, with one-in-seven (14%) of these businesses owed money by an insolvent individual or company. Phillip Sykes, R3 president commented: “Businesses need to take preventative measures and properly asses risks before trading with individuals or other firms.  Doing so will minimise the chance of being exposed to others’ insolvencies in the first place.” To read R3's news release go to
UK retail growth unlikely to improve in 2016. The KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank (RTT) warns that retail sales growth is set to edge back in 2016 from 1.8% to around 1.7% as consumers look to other sectors in which to spend their disposable income. However, overall, the RTT believes there is plenty to be positive about going into next year to support an increase in spend and spending power by UK consumers, but it remains to be seen as to how much retail is going to benefit from this. “While 2016 is likely to be a much more positive year in growth terms, not all retailers and sectors will benefit,” explained Maureen Hinton at Conlumino. “An improving economy will not solve the problems of how to deal with the fundamental changes in how consumers shop, and the rising costs of meeting their expectations. ”As such, Dr Tim Denison noted that, “2016 will be a tricky year to get the balance right between cost control and investment. Retailers will need to keep on their toes." To read KPMG's news release go to
Weak trade and manufacturing figures nudge down UK growth forecast. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has advised that it has downgraded its UK GDP growth forecast, from 2.6% to 2.4% in 2015, from 2.7% to 2.5% in 2016, and from 2.7% to 2.5% in 2017. The downgrade is mainly due to weaker than expected trade figures and a worse than predicted manufacturing performance, largely as a result of falling global prospects in recent months. John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “Official data is starting to reflect what our Quarterly Economic Survey has been showing all year – that our persistently weak trade performance and current account balance are impacting our overall growth. Similarly, the manufacturing sector has been hit badly by falling global prospects, tipping an earlier prediction of growth in 2015 to an expected contraction." To read the BCC's news release go to
A positive outlook for the UK construction industry in 2016. Richard Threlfall, KPMG’s Head of Infrastructure, Building and Construction, has predicted a positive outlook for the construction industry in 2016. He advised: “2016 will be a good year for the construction industry. Tier 1s will stabilise, labour supply and price pressures will start to ease, and the industry should be able to start focusing on securing steady growth in what will be a strong market." In particular, he noted "Companies that have real specialism will be in hot demand, particularly those operating with highly skilled labour which will remain in short supply, for example in electrical engineering." To read KPMG's news release go to
UK manufacturing export orders improve but remain a concern. According to the latest CBI Industrial Trends Survey, the UK’s manufacturers have seen an improvement in total and export orders in December, but still expect their output to contract mildly over the coming three months. The survey of 473 manufacturers saw the strongest total orders for three months and exports performed better when compared with recent months - with 14 out of 18 sub-sectors improving - but exports remaining a drag on overall orders. Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Director of Economics, said: “Manufacturers are still having a tough time of it with output slipping and exports remaining a weak spot in spite of an improvement at the end of the year. . . But there is a pick-up in orders from previous months which could be a sign of light at the end of the tunnel." To read the CBI's news release go to
Deloitte's UK CFO Survey: A cautious start to 2016. According to Deloitte’s latest quarterly CFO Survey, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of the UK’s largest companies entered 2016 in a mood of caution and with a strong focus on cost control. The survey also finds levels of support among CFOs for the UK remaining in the EU have narrowed from 74% to 62%. Asked to rate how optimistic they are about the prospects for their company compared to three months ago, 30% of CFOs say they are less optimistic (up from 20% in Q2), and just 12% say they are more optimistic, (down from 36% six months ago). This is the third consecutive quarter that corporate sentiment has fallen and it is now at its lowest level since Q2 2012. To read Deloitte's news release go to
Number of tech businesses in UK grows 31% in 5 years. According to the latest KPMG/Markit Tech Monitor UK Survey, the number of tech-related enterprises in the UK private sector has risen by 31% since 2010 - a net gain of approximately 45,000 enterprises over a five year period. The growth of tech sector enterprises is double that of all private sector enterprises over the same period (16%). Reading has taken the top spot of all tech clusters in the UK, as more than one in five enterprises in the area are tech sector firms (22% ) - a proportion significantly higher than the national average (8%). To read KPMG's news release go to
Career Opportunities
Premium Vacancy
Risk Underwriter and Commercial Underwriter vacancies, HCC. London & Leicester.

Due to our continued growth, HCC International’s Credit and Surety Division is looking for the following talented, experienced individuals to join its credit teams. With clients across the UK and Ireland, we are looking for people who could be based in our London or Leicester offices.
* Risk Underwriter – Energy and Fuels
* Risk Underwriter – Electronics
* Commercial Underwriter/account executive –South East
Credit Analyst/Trainee Risk Underwriter - Leicester Office  
HCC offers an attractive reward package and working conditions together with a superb culture and plenty of opportunity for talented employees to progress. With a AA- rating and part of the prestigious Tokio Marine Group, HCC International is well-positioned in the market to maximise its potential for growth in the credit insurance market and you could be part of our team.
If you have an excellent track record in one of these areas, submit your CV via our company careers page or email Closing date for applications is 31 January 2016.
Senior Underwriter – Trade Finance, London, £Excellent.
This global insurer who have a market leading position are seeking an individual to join their London based team underwriting products specifically associated with Trade Finance. The insurer have a slightly unique offering in that their distribution model is 95% direct with banking institutions rather than being led through brokers. Therefore the ability to develop strong working relationships with buy-side individuals is key, as is the ability to spot opportunity and structure suitable solutions. The primary products you will be underwriting will revolve around the risk mitigation of LC’s, Guarantee’s, Promissory Notes, Receivables Finance, Syndicated Loans, etc. An intimate understanding of these is absolutely essential to be successful in this role. Presently you should be either working within a banking environment in a syndication or origination team, or working within an insurer underwriting these products. Opportunity for international travel and progression exists and would be encouraged. Please contact me for an informal discussion on +44 207 092 3283 /
New Business Manager, West Midlands. Salary £40,000.
Reed Insurance is excited to be working with a leading Credit Insurer who are looking to recruit an experienced New Business Manager to cover the West Midlands region of the UK. The sales model for this role is Direct to the end client. The ideal candidate must be motivated to pro-actively acquire business working via a number of internal and self-generated sources of business. You will help to continue to develop the market to secure profitable business for my client, whilst looking for opportunities for all product lines, thereby maximising contribution. You will target all market segments but this will predominantly be the SME market place.
 The successful candidate will possess the following attributes: Excellent proven Sales negotiation and communication skills Be able to prioritise: determine the importance of each task and allocate time accordingly Have In-depth familiarity and knowledge of various contract structures in order to know how best to negotiate between price and risk Possess excellent knowledge of current economic climate and how it affects the market.
For more information please contact Nicholas Morgan by calling 0121 237 5550 or email
Trade Credit Account Handler, Leeds City Centre. £22,000 - £30,000.
 I am delighted to be working in partnership with a National Insurance Broker, who have a substantial network of offices throughout the UK, ensuring that they have a very strong local presence, and are able to provide outstanding levels of service. Due to a substantial period of growth my client is looking to recruit a new member to work within the Trade Credit Team within their Leeds City Centre arm. If you are an individual who has previously had exposure to Trade Credit Insurance and is looking for career and salary advancement then this may be the role for you. It would be the opportunity to deal with some larger sized businesses and have the ability to deal with more technically advanced cases. Alternatively my client will look at individuals who are experienced Commercial Account Handlers, and are interested in moving into Trade Credit, and can demonstrate an awareness in this area.
As a successful candidate you will be: Responsible for a book of Trade Credit Clients Dealing with larger end businesses and more technically based cases. Supporting the Account Executives Chasing Credit limits Monitoring Overdue payments Liaison with Underwriters Being reactive to the clients needs and taking ownership of tasks In return you will have the opportunity to be part of a massively successful firm of Insurance Brokers, as well as have the opportunity to carve out a career within this niche area of Trade Credit, should you desire. Salary is very much dependent upon experience and ranges from £22,000 - £30,000.
 In order to speak further, in confidence please contact Helen Spriggs on 0113 2368957 or email your CV to
Credit Analyst, Euler Hermes. Dubai.
The Role: To proactively manage a portfolio of buyers. To gather an appropriate level of information to assess buyers. To assess buyers according to defined targets (manual grading).
Desired Skills and Experience: A very good knowledge of Finance and Credit Management, expertise and experience in buyers assessment and knowledge of local market and sectors.  In addition, candidates should be self-motivated and have the ability to work in a team and take grading decisions. Fluency in the English language is a must, Arabic is a plus. For more information and to apply for this position please go to
New Business Manager, South West. Salary £40,000.
Reed Insurance is excited to be working with a leading Credit Insurer who are looking to recruit an experienced New Business Manager to cover the South West region of the UK. The sales model for this role is Direct to the end client. The ideal candidate must be motivated to pro-actively acquire business working via a number of internal and self-generated sources of business. You will help to continue to develop the market to secure profitable business for my client, whilst looking for opportunities for all product lines, thereby maximising contribution. You will target all market segments but this will predominantly be the SME market place. The successful candidate will posses the following attributes: Excellent proven Sales negotiation and communication skills Be able to prioritise: determine the importance of each task and allocate time accordingly Have In-depth familiarity and knowledge of various contract structures in order to know how best to negotiate between price and risk Possess excellent knowledge of current economic climate and how it affects the market. For more information please contact Nicholas Morgan by calling 0121 237 5550 or email
Senior Political Risk Underwriter, London, c.£125,000 + Excellent Bonus and Benefits.
This major Syndicate is looking to grow its Political Risk team with the appointment of an experienced underwriter to join the team. You will be working as part of a close knit team and will be acting in a “Deputy Head” capacity, covering for the “Head of” whilst they are travelling or otherwise engaged. The team have ambitious growth plans and to achieve these they wish to increase the amount of Credit business that is written, therefore experience in underwriting private obligor credit business for another syndicate or major company market is essential. You will be instrumental in continued growth and development of the book, including product development, business planning, key strategic decisions as well as day to day underwriting. In addition, supervision of a small team will be involved – jointly with the Head, to include day to day coaching and development. Presently the syndicate write a good mix of bank, corporate and trader business across all major Lloyds products.
If you have the ambition and drive to help a team grow and reap the rewards associated, coupled with a strong network of supporting brokers in the London Market please don’t hesitate to contact Kerren Leach on / 0207 092 3283. (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
Credit Insurance Account Handler, Yorkshire. Generous salary (depending on experience) and benefits package, company car or allowance.
Due to the continued acquisition of quality accounts, the specialist Trade Credit Division has retained Aston Charles to assist in the appointment of a Credit Insurance Account Handler. This firm is long- established in the Yorkshire region and is well known for its friendly, supportive and technically- orientated staff. You will be supporting Account Executives and Directors in the smooth running of their portfolios, including administering mid-term amendments, dealing with credit limit issues, as well as day to day enquiries. Clients will be from a variety of industry sectors, and will vary in size from SME’s, right through to very large, multinational concerns. In order to understand how businesses transact with each other, you will be commercially- minded and ideally have experience of working for a competing Credit insurance brokerage. However, we welcome applications from those candidates who have worked in ‘industry’ as a Credit Controller or similar, or those from a general personal/ commercial lines broking background. In order to build rapport and explain Credit insurance best practice with stakeholders at all levels, you must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrable negotiation skills are also a prerequisite. Having a relevant degree (Business Studies, Accountancy, Finance or Economics, for example), will add weight to your application, although this is by no means essential. In return, you will receive a generous basic salary (depending on experience) and benefits package, company car or allowance, and support towards professional qualifications. For more information and to apply contact Richard Jones at or call 0845 8388 490.
Experienced Risk Underwriter. London. Salary DOE.
This is an opportunity to join our Underwriting team, based in the London office. The successful candidate will be responsible for Underwriting credit limits on risks within primary delegated authority (UK and/or Ireland) and in accordance with group underwriting guidelines, and on export risks through use of secondary delegation in accordance with delegated authority and group underwriting guidelines. Monitoring and reporting on exposures will be required using reactive (automated messaging) and proactive methodologies. For part of this role the job holder will support the Commercial Department in the acquisition of new credit insurance business and the retention and renewal of existing policies. They will also represent the business clients, channel partners and professional bodies at the highest levels. The ability to read and interpret audited and management accounts is essential along with the ability and confidence to make risk decisions and provide explanations (both orally and in the form of internal report writing). Knowledge of company funding, turnaround, and buy-out situations is essential. Proven experience (5+ years) in a similar role from within the credit insurance is necessary. To apply, please contact: Ben Wade on 0207 220 4777 or email (Please mention Credit Insurance News Digest).
UK Wide Broking Opportunities.
Eames Consulting are exclusively representing a major global broking house who are looking to dramatically increase their Trade Credit Team in the UK and would be keen to hear from experienced brokers across the UK. These opportunities have come following a recent review of the specialty businesses and Trade Credit being highlighted as a key growth area. Opportunities exist at all levels from Account Manager through to Regional Director including Senior Sales opportunities. The organisation have an outstanding platform to enable an experienced individual to flourish including top notch systems, large retail network enabling cross selling initiatives as well as the ambition to be a major player in this market. They also have an existing Trade Credit operation and therefore would be a recognised name to clients. For a confidential discussion, please send your CV to along with a cover note and contact details.
New Appointments
BPL Global have announced the appointment of James Esdaile and Sian Aspinall as Joint Managing Directors of Berry Palmer & Lyle Limited. They succeed Robin Harper, who continues as a director of the BPL group after 20 years as Managing Director. James joined BPL Global in 1997 as a graduate trainee, while Sian returned to the company in 2014 after working as a senior political risk underwriter for AIG and Zurich. Tim Cullis also joins as Chief Financial Officer. Tim was previously CFO and CRO of Amlin Investment Management Limited.
Forthcoming Events
Supply Chain Finance Summit. 27-28 January 2016. Frankfurt, Germany.
The market for supply chain finance (SCF) is lighting up. For EMEA alone, the market size is estimated to be as high as €17 Billion with an estimated annual growth rate of between 15-30%. This two day event covers the rapidly growing interest in targeting both domestic and cross border opportunities in the SCF space, as well as the increased interest from mid-sized companies now looking to supply chain finance to increase profitability and strengthen supply chains. Brought to you by BCR, specialist publishers in receivables, factoring and supply chain finance, the conference is open to all finance and supply chain professionals. It is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends transforming the approach to supply chain management and a chance to network with leaders in the industry. Treasurers/CFOs, heads of supply chain/procurement from corporates & SME directors attend free of charge. For more information go to
India Trade & Export Finance Conference 2016. 2 February 2016, Mumbai.
Returning to Mumbai for its 13th year, GTR‘s India Trade & Export Finance Conference will once again re-affirm its position as the conference of choice for the region’s trade finance community. 15% discount for Credit Insurance News Readers with CIN15.
West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference 2016. 3-4 February 2016, Lagos.
Recognised as the biggest gathering of trade finance professionals in the region, the West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference will return to Lagos for 2016. With over 300 delegates expected in attendance, the conference will bring together delegates from the market’s leading corporate, banking and financial services organisations to discuss key market issues within agribusiness, hard commodities, risk mitigation and infrastructural development. 15% discount for Credit Insurance News Readers with CIN15.
The CICM British Credit Awards 2016, 10 February 2016. London.
Book your tables now for the glittering awards ceremony! The awards ceremony will take place on 10th February 2016 at the Brewery, London and we aim to top last year's event, which was made extra-special with the celebration of the award of our Royal Charter. Take a look at our video highlights from the 2015 awards ceremony to see what you can expect from this fantastic evening of celebration. Book your tables now to avoid disappointment! Contact Anthony Epega: E: T: 020 7316 9092.
Receivables Finance International - RFIx. 9-10 March 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.
This well established market leading two-day Convention brings together nearly 200 delegates from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, attracted by the quality of speakers, panel discussions and wide-ranging subject matter. The theme for 2016 is being developed now. To get involved, please contact Malou Lindholm, Director, BCR Publishing. For more information go to
Financial Supply Chain Management: Axiom Groupe. 17 &18 March 2016. Hotel Avanida Palace, Barcelona.
 usiness professionals meet in Barcelona to present their key studies, business cases and for business discussions. Featuring key speakers are from Bank Santander, Pepsico. Mondelez International, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Diageo, Hasbro, Bayer, SAP, Barclays, Bonduelle, Alstom, HSBC, Sanofi Aventis. Barcelona, Spain. Hotel Avenida Palace, 17&18 March 2016. To find out more go to: Chain-Management&id=4728

About this Issue's Sponsor: Nexus CIFS
Nexus CIFS Ltd is the longest established credit insurance managing general agent (MGA) in the market. We are proud to be backed by several leading Lloyd’s syndicates and also Liberty Mutual and thereby offer policies with a very strong “A” (AM Best) rating. 
Principally known as a whole turnover domestic underwriter, over the last 12 months our product offering has expanded to provide a much greater depth of export expertise and our single situation team is now firmly established and has achieved significant growth with regional trade credit brokers as well as the London market. We are also expanding our regional presence to offer local servicing to benefit brokers and policyholders alike. 
We offer a suite of products to enhance companies’ credit management and to enable sales including “First Select”, providing tailor made marketing leads, “First Collect” our highly regarded debt collection service and “First Limit” offering real time credit opinions with monitoring 24/7. 
Looking forward, Nexus CIFS’ Managing Director, Richard Marriage, has intentions to move the business to the next level in 2016: “We have an appetite to grow and have been able to set ambitious targets for the year ahead. Our intention is to write a higher quantity and an even higher calibre of business moving forward.” The company will be hosting the industry dinner this year and is shortlisted for the CICM Credit Insurer of the Year, for the fourth year in a row. 
Nexus CIFS is part of the Nexus Group, a speciality MGA on a dynamic growth path, concentrating on niche classes of business and delivering excellent service and cutting edge products. The Nexus Group has 20 underwriting partners and underwrites PI, D&O, financial lines and accident & health as well as trade credit. This year Nexus has acquired two MGA’s, Millstream, specialising in travel and personal accident and also EBA, operating in Europe and finally Nexus Asia has recently launched in Hong Kong.
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