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Credit Insurance News was founded by Sally Brown in 2012. 

 Sally has over 25 years experience in the trade credit insurance industry, working largely for Euler Hermes UK, the UK and World's credit insurance market leader. Originally employed as Euler Hermes' only Approved Source Underwriter (selecting and monitoring companies approved to write limits under policyholder's discretionary limits), Sally moved into a purely business information role in 1998 and set-up Euler Hermes' first internal credit insurance weekly news bulletin for colleagues. Sally also produced highly detailed gap analyses and reports on competitors for senior management and chaired regular meetings with staff to discuss industry news. 

 After 2006, following the birth of her two children, Sally worked part-time for Euler Hermes exclusively producing and distributing a weekly credit insurance newsletter. This newsletter quickly became Euler Hermes most successful regular internal campaign and was highly regarded by colleagues, both in the UK and France. 

Sally left Euler Hermes and set up Credit Insurance News Digest in 2012. Credit Management News Digest was successfully piloted in 2018 and was launched as a separate service in 2019.

 Sally has an MSc in Information Technology, a MA in History (Research/Thesis) and a BA (Hons) in History with French. In addition to her Credit Insurance work, Sally has worked as a professional writer, with a regular column on the history of London's East End and its architecture. Sally lives in Surrey and is married with 2 wonderful children aged 14 and 17. 

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