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Credit Insurance News
The changing risk landscape of trade credit insurance. Trade Finance Global (TFG) has published an article in which Deepesh Patel discusses the impact that current macroeconomic and geopolitical turmoil is having in the trade credit insurance space with Gary Lowe (Global Head of the Global Credit Insurance Group at Standard Chartered), Jérôme Pezé (CEO at Tinubu), Janusz Władyczak (CEO at KUKE), and Richard Wulff (Executive Director at ICISA). The panel notes that macroeconomic events are having a hand in shaping the way that insolvencies are playing out. Although during the COVID-19 pandemic there was a sharp decline in the number of insolvencies "largely due to government support" (bankruptcies in Europe, for example, fell from an average of 350,000 per year to less than 200,000), ICISA members now expect global business insolvencies to rise by around 10% in 2022 and 14% in 2023 as more and more countries end their COVID-19 support programs. "We are going to have to face the fact that there will be a catch-up effect in terms of insolvencies," Jérôme Pezé commented. To read TFG's article go to https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/news-insights/.
Canadian brokers may be inadvertently "leaving money on the table" because of a misunderstanding about the application of trade credit insurance. Canadian Underwriter has reported that although less than one-quarter of Canadian businesses currently have trade credit insurance, there are indications that market penetration is likely to change. Intact Vice President of Trade Credit, Jay Rampersad, told Canadian Underwriter. "We're getting more questions from brokers about trade credit. They want to be in front of the risk and protect their client [from] what's coming." However, he notes that Canadian brokers may inadvertently leave "money on the table" because of a misunderstanding about the application of trade credit insurance. "One common misconception is that trade credit is only available for export, for clients who are selling services and widgets internationally," Rampersad said. "But it's available for domestic trade as well . . . about 40% of our [trade credit] portfolio is domestic." To read Canadian Underwriter's article go to https://www.canadianunderwriter.ca/insurance/its-not-always-wise-to-base-coverage-solely-on-clients-balance-sheets-1004225729/.
Non-cancellable trade credit insurance comes "into its own" as policyholders seek certainty of cover. Simon Philpin, Head of Trade Credit at Markel International and Chairman of the Association of British Insurers' Trade Credit Committee, has published an interview in which he stresses the importance of broker relationships, speed of service response, and connectivity. Simon also notes that, although the main product of the three largest carriers (which, between them, account for 70% of the market) is still cancellable insurance, Markel International offer a non-cancellable solution as its primary product; a product that "is seeing considerable growth" as more and more corporates build their own credit management teams. Looking ahead, Simon advises that although Markel International expects to see an increase in trade credit insurance claims over the next 12-18 months, this is "where our product comes into its own. We tend to see an increase in requests for our product during a recessionary period, as insureds seek certainty of cover." To read Markel's article go to https://performancefreed.markel.com/news/accelerating-growth-within-trade-credit.
Global economic uncertainties have meant a higher-than-usual level of interest in trade credit insurance. Trade Finance Global's (TFG) Annie Kovacevic recently interviewed Gordon Cessford, President of Atradius US and Regional Head of Atradius in North America, to discuss political risks, emerging markets, and digitalisation. Gordon Cessford noted that ongoing global economic uncertainties, supply chain issues, inflationary pressures, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the after-effects of the pandemic have meant that companies are looking to mitigate their credit risks to an increased degree, with a higher-than-usual level of interest in trade credit insurance. While Atradius' risk appetite "remains broadly supportive", he notes that Atradius continues to monitor the Russia-Ukraine conflict's direct impacts and has had to take a number of swift actions to enable its customers to continue to do business in a suddenly volatile environment. To read TFG's article go to https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/posts/credit-insurance-company-atradius-political-risk-emerging-markets-digitalisation/.
Resilience, technology, and risk appetite: trade credit insurance experts discuss current trends. To discuss the role that technology may play in altering the trade credit insurance landscape, Trade Finance Global's (TFG) Editor, Deepesh Patel, sat down with Gary Lowe, Global Head of the Global Credit Insurance Group at Standard Chartered, Jérôme Pezé, CEO at Tinubu, Janusz Władyczak, CEO at KUKE, and Richard Wulff, Executive Director at ICISA. The panel agreed that as technology use becomes more widespread, customers in the trade credit market will demand more from their insurers. Jérôme Pezé commented: "In the coming years, credit insurers are going to face a huge test of their business models. Customers will expect a credit insurer to better understand their business, including its specifications, credit sectors, market, and buyers." Customers will also expect better integrations to credit insurers, seamless connection to banks, stronger levels of support, and transparency in terms of risk, pricing, and other pertinent information. "Credit insurers that are unable to meet these demands will be left behind in the market." To read TFG's article go to https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/posts/resilience-technology-risk-appetite-credit-insurance-experts-weigh-current-trends/.
Trade credit Insurance: The umbrella that doesn't open? On the 14th of September, Trade Finance Global (TFG) and Tinubu took part in a webinar, looking at four different sectors of the trade credit insurance industry and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical issues, and inflation. The webinar explored: 
  • The trade credit insurance industry outlook.
  • How public and private credit insurance supports global economies and trade.
  • Risk appetite, claims, payouts: how to make trade credit work for everyone, everywhere.
  • Outlook, innovation, and sustainability in trade credit insurance.
  • Expert perspective: banks and lenders, insurtechs, associations, and ECAs.
The webinar (which is divided into four videos) featured: Gary Lowe, Global Head of Standard Chartered; Jérôme Pezé, CEO at Tinubu; Janusz Władyczak, CEO at KUKE S.A; Richard Wulff, Executive Director at ICISA, and was moderated by TFG's Editor, Deepesh Patel. If you missed it, a dedicated hub includes additional resources, a transcript of each video and questions asked by the audience. Go to https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/tradecast/t5-future-of-credit-insurance-tinubu/.
Company Watch launches a solution to enable rapid stress-testing of company financials. Company Watch has advised Credit Insurance News Digest that it has launched a new forecasting tool, Forecast View, to help clients quickly test the resilience of companies in a wide range of customisable financial scenarios and immediately see the potential impact on H-Score (Company Watch's credit scoring tool which measures a company's financial health using published financial results, and analyses a company's financial position from several angles including profit management, working capital management, liquidity and how assets are funded). Using sliders, Forecast View also allows users to alter revenue while fixing profit margins, build in stock write-offs and bad debt, and model the impact of action by a company's creditor, while a range of built-in scenarios enable users to instantly model some of the most common situations facing companies. For more information go to https://www.companywatch.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Forecast-View-Guide-2022.pdf.
Coface secures a deal with CreditorWatch in Australia. Insurance Business has reported that Coface Australia has signed a three-year contract with CreditorWatch, a commercial credit reporting bureau with more than 50,000 customers in Australia. CreditorWatch provides credit and financial risk information digitised financials, credit scoring and modelling, and API-driven data delivery. The three-year deal will see Coface use CreditorWatch's API to automate and integrate credit reports, CreditorWatch's risk score and credit monitoring into the Coface system. Roberto Bastos, Manager of Credit Research of Coface Australia and New Zealand, said having access to fully digital financial information will allow the company's information team to "provide a diverse range of analytics and credit exposure recommendations to Coface's risk and underwriting team." To read Insurance Business' news release go to https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/au/news/technology/coface-secures-deal-with-creditorwatch-421829.aspx.
Howden and Allianz Trade partner on API connectivity. Howden and Allianz Trade have announced their API partnership for structured credit insurance. This will allow Howden's submissions to be submitted to Allianz Trade digitally, "bringing efficiency, enhanced data accuracy, reliability and analytics, faster response times, and simplification." Thomas Laporte-Many, Head of Operations and Innovation at Allianz Trade Specialty Credit, commented: "By contributing to the development of this API, and by successfully testing its integration with our deal management and underwriting platform, we have made a significant step in our digital journey. Like for Howden, this is a second success for us; whilst we had test proven API-based integration last year, it is the first direct API-based integration with a broker's proprietary electronic placement platform." This is Howden’s second API partnership in the sector this quarter. To read Allianz Trade's news release go to https://www.allianz-trade.com/en_global/news-insights/news/Howden-and-Allianz-Trade-partner-on-API-connectivity.html.
Tryg Garanti is starting activities in the UK. Tryg Garanti, a leading Nordic provider of surety bonds, has advised Credit Insurance News Digest that it is starting activities in the UK. Tryg Garanti supports local and international clients in main European markets and is currently present in the Nordic countries, Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It also provides trade credit insurance to Nordic clients. Subject to licenses, the UK surety business aims to be fully operational in January 2023 with the scope to offer bonds for all client types, from SMEs to multinationals. Terry Salmon will lead the UK office as UK Country Manager, supported by new appointees Mani Singh and Kasie Ludlow (see 'New Appointments') below. Tryg Garanti is part of the 'A1' Moody's rated, major Scandinavian general insurer Tryg, with headquarters in Denmark. For more information go to www.tryggaranti.com.
Panel Discussion. Public perception of the trade credit insurance industry: "the umbrella that doesn't open." As part of International Credit Insurance & Surety Association's (ICISA) Credit Insurance Week 2022, ICISA hosted a panel (moderated by TFG's Editor, Deepesh Patel) which brought together Tim Smith (Global Practice Leader at Marsh Trade Credit), Tamar Joulia-Paris (Senior Advisor at International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers (IACPM)), and Thomas Lallinger (Chief Executive at Munich Re) to discuss "sense and nonsense" in the common perception of trade credit insurance in the eyes of different market parties. Areas discussed included:
  • How the public sees trade credit insurance.
  • How the product stimulates the economy as an engine of global economic growth.
  • We often hear that insurance in general is "an umbrella that doesn’t open when it rains". Is there any truth to this? 
To watch the video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhMOyZqAU2w.
Allianz Trade's CEO hails brokers as a "critical" distribution channel for trade credit insurance. Insurance Age has reported that CEO at Allianz Trade UK & Ireland, Sarah Murrow, has described brokers as a "critical" distributer when promoting trade credit insurance to clients. She added that trade credit policies were highly transactional compared to other insurance products, and highlighted brokers' importance in educating clients on their trade credit risks. According to Sarah Murrow, there are multiple risks impacting trade credit policies, including consumer spending, the rise in energy costs, inflation and the increase in the cost of financing. She commented to Insurance Age: "Brokers have the ability to advise clients of trade credit exposures. They do a great job." To read Insurance Age's article go to https://www.insuranceage.co.uk/voices/7951468/brokers-hailed-as-a-critical-distribution-channel-for-trade-credit-insurance-by-allianz-trade-ceo (subscription may be required).
Atradius predicts a sharp increase in insolvencies in some major markets. A new report from Atradius warns that as government support measures related to the pandemic have ended almost everywhere, it expects sharp insolvency increases in some major economies in 2022 and 2023. In 2022, Atradius forecasts that business failures will increase in the UK by 59%, France by 58%, Austria by 78%, and Belgium, Canada and Australia by 49%. In 2023, Atradius forecasts that the US will experience an 81% increase in business failures, with the Netherlands, Singapore and Italy also seeing failure rates increase by 77%, 76% and 51%, respectively. Atradius' report also predicts 2.9% growth for the global economy in 2022, followed by 1.7% in 2023 — a cumulative 2% reduction compared to Atradius' April 2022 Insolvency Forecast report. The US is expected to see economic growth of 1.7% in 2022 but 0.0% in 2023, while Atradius expects the eurozone economy to enter a recession in the second half of the year and beginning of 2023, with 3.0% growth in 2022 followed by 0.0% in 2023. To read Atradius' news release go to https://group.atradius.com/publications/economic-research/sharp-increase-in-insolvencies-as-government-support-expires.html.
AU G-Grade Q3 2022: The conflict in Ukraine and its consequences impact the country risk assessment for several Western European countries. AU Group has released its latest AU 'G-Grade' for Q3 2022. The AU 'G-Grade' is based on the individual assessment of a country by each of the four largest trade credit insurers (Atradius, Coface, Credendo and Allianz Trade) and is calculated according to the real risk taken by these major insurers collectively. Also, the IMF Statistics Department's seven key indicators give a view of the key trends and the level of risk per country. This issue notes that the continuing conflict in Ukraine and its consequences have led trade credit insurers to adjust their country risk assessment, with Tunisia (down 0.75 points) and several Western European countries (including Ireland, Spain and the UK — all down 0.5 points) among those most impacted. To see the latest G-Grade go to https://www.au-group.com/etudes/ggrade-q3-2022/.
QBE warns that construction related insolvencies are increasing in the UK SME market. QBE's latest Update on the construction sector notes that construction-related corporate insolvencies continue to rise in the SME market, and there are signs of contagion "with more sophisticated corporates starting to feel the pain." Challenges for the sector include: fixed price contracts (anecdotally, QBE notes that it is receiving an increased level of risk feedback relating to loss-making fixed price contracts); hyperinflation turning to stagflation due to slowing sector growth, lower new order levels and a drop-off in job creation rates; sizeable COVID-related debt levels exist in the market with refinancing on suitable debt structures key to the survival for construction firms. QBE advises that it retains a stable underwriting stance on construction, with a case-by-case underwriting approach with each business to be assessed on its own individual financial merits. To read QBE's Update go to https://qbeeurope.com/media/ly2nz5ky/qbe_sectorreports_autumn2022_construction.pdf.
Coface expands its support of long-term ESG projects. Coface has announced that it plans to increase its support to the financing and implementation of long-term ESG projects by providing Single Risk insurance solutions more widely to projects which comply with precise ESG criteria in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, water treatment, health, education, or micro finance. Coface advises that this plan comes in addition to its current commercial exclusion policies that avoid supporting non-responsible business activities, or activities significantly contributing to climate change. For instance, Coface notes that it has made several commitments to withdraw from the thermal coal sector: it does not provide single-risk credit insurance policies nor sureties bonds for thermal coal extraction or thermal coal generation projects and does not issue policies to insure sales of thermal coal by commodity traders. To read Coface's news release go to https://www.coface.com/News-Publications/News/Coface-increases-its-support-to-the-financing-implementation-of-ESG-projects-through-Single-Risk-solutions.
The positive current growth rate of trade credit insurance underlines its global value. SCHUMANN's recent annual multinational online conference included discussions on a wide range of issues, including trade credit insurance and surety in times of uncertainty and utilising modern workflow and decision engines and artificial intelligence within trade credit. Among the key takeaways from the event was that factoring and insurance are essential stabilisers of the economy and should not be overlooked at this critical time, and the positive current growth rates in these industries underline their global value. Robert Meters, Head of Global Business, SCHUMANN, and Director, SCHUMANN International, London, commented. "Risk hedging through insurance is currently stable, the loss ratio is low. However, a key measure of how the industry is performing will be shown in how insolvencies develop." To read SCHUMANN's news release go to https://prof-schumann.com/en/blog/schumann-conference-identifies-the-importance-of-technology-in-understanding-risk.
The European Commission approves a €2 billion Italian scheme for the reinsurance of natural gas and electricity trade credit. The European Commission has approved a €2 billion Italian scheme for the reinsurance of natural gas and electricity trade credit risk. The scheme aims at limiting the risks insurers currently face by offering trade credit insurance to customers and ensuring that trade credit insurance continues to be available to companies, avoiding the need for them to pay their energy bills in advance or within a few weeks. Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "This €2 billion Italian scheme will contribute to ensuring that trade credit insurance remains available to companies for securing their commercial exchanges. This will help them address their liquidity needs and continue their activities in the context of the current geopolitical crisis." To read the European Commission's news release go to https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/MEX_22_5945.
Video: Markel's latest Class Conversation examines how the trade credit market in Australia and New Zealand has performed through the pandemic. Markel has published the 7th edition of Class Conversation. In this edition, Simon Philpin, Head of Trade Credit of Markel International, talks to Kirk Cheesman, Group Managing Director of National Credit Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd, about how the trade credit market in Australia and New Zealand has performed through the pandemic and how competitive it is today. The conversation includes Kirk’s thoughts on what underwriters could do to help brokers gain more product traction in the Australian and New Zealand markets and explores what ‘High Performance’ means to him as a businessman. Simon also advises that Markel is considering moving its operation for underwriting its Australian business from Singapore to Australia itself. To watch the discussion go to https://vimeo.com/752960390/dbb8e1494a.
Video: ICISA members answer the question: Why is Trade Credit Insurance important? Before the International Credit Insurance and Surety Association's (ICISA) first Trade Credit Insurance Week, various senior members were filmed answering the question, "Why is Trade Credit Insurance important?" The video includes comments from: Charles Nortje, CEO of Credit Guarantee; Anil Berry, Group Board Member at Allianz Trade; Jay Rampersad, Vice President — Trade Credit, Intact Insurance; Patrice Luscan, Group Marketing Director at Coface; Shinya Tsukada, Corporate Investment Department of Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance; Valerio Perinelli, General Manager at Sace BT; Vassili Christidis, CEO at COSEC; Andreas Tesch, Chief Market Officer at Atradius; and Mads Løgstru, Director at Tryg Garanti. To watch the video go to https://icisa.org/news/importance-of-tci/.
Coffee Cup Corner: Q&A with Xenia's Risk Development Executive, Roberto Simone. Xenia Broking Group has published a Q&A in which Xenia's Risk Development Executive, Roberto Simone, describes his role at Xenia, his route into the industry, what he enjoys most about his job and the most commonly asked question in his job role. Roberto comments that he used to mix trance music — and even produced the odd track or two — and, if he were not in the trade credit insurance industry, would probably have followed a path in sports journalism or even become a professional football player himself. To read the Q&A go to https://xeniabroking.com/news-and-insights/coffee-cup-corner-a-quick-q-a-with-roberto-simone-risk-development-executive.
This month, Credit Insurance News is proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Launching a completely free service that requires such a high level of interest, not to mention financial backing, from the industry it serves was quite daunting initially, and I am delighted that Credit Insurance News has thrived and continues to garner strong support. Thank you to all the supporters, sponsors, and advertisers who have made the last ten years possible.
Allianz Trade has won Global Banking & Finance Review’s award for Best Trade Credit Insurance Company Asia Pacific for the sixth consecutive year.
STA International has been nominated for Technology Team of the Year at the Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2022.
New Appointments
BPL Global has announced a number of changes to its senior management team. 
  • BPL Global's two Managing Directors, James Esdaile and Sian Aspinall, move into new roles. James Esdaile has been appointed Chairman, assuming the role from co-founder Charles Berry. Meanwhile, Sian Aspinall has been made Group CEO. Both she and James will remain board members of the group's operating companies in the UK, France, Singapore and New York. Charles Berry will remain actively involved with the business and a member of the company's Group Board as Founding Director. 
  • Separately, BPL Global has also announced two promotions within its senior management team: Charlie Radcliffe and James Reynolds will both assume the role of Deputy CEO. Charlie Radcliffe joined BPL Global in 2008, becoming a Director in 2014, while James Reynolds joined the company in 2014 and was made a Director in 2017.
Allianz Trade in North America has appointed Reilly Jordan as New Business Broker Manager. Reilly has been with Allianz Trade since 2016, most recently as Underwriter XoL. He is based in Baltimore.
Tokio Marine HCC has announced that it has promoted Sharon Magee to Senior Claims Technician. Shannon joined the company six years ago as a graduate (History) and worked in both credit and surety before settling into a role as a claims technician in the claims team.
Tinubu has announced that it has appointed Gilles Goaoc as Surety Business Manager EMEA & APAC. Gilles joins Tinubu from Euler Hermes (now Allianz Trade) France, where he was Directeur Commercial Caution & Garantie.
WTW has announced four new team appointments. Mariano Villar joins WTW as Head of Trade Credit, Spain. Mariano most recently served as Director of Credit Solutions, Spain at Aon. Nieves Labernia Alcayde, Mariano Moya and Israel Garea Saavedra also join WTW from Aon as Account Directors.
The Channel Partnership has promoted Steve Watson to Executive Director. Steve has been with The Channel Partnership for more than nineteen years, and was formerly employed as a Director.
Xenia Broking has appointed Julie Henderson as an Account Broker in the Manchester Area. Julie joins Xenia from Allianz Trade, where she had worked since 2008, most recently as an Account Executive.
Markel International has appointed Mohmed Talha Wadiwala as Senior Underwriter - Business Development, based in Dubai. Mohmed joins Markel from Atradius, where he was most recently employed as a Business Development Manager.
Tryg Garanti UK has announced two new appointments. 
  • Mani Singh has joined Tryg Garanti's new UK office as Senior Account Manager. Mani started his insurance career at Euler Hermes, (now Allianz Trade) over eight years ago as a Risk Underwriter before moving into a senior underwriter position within the Construction team. 
  • Kasie Ludlow joins Tryg Garanti's new UK office as Client Centre Manager. Kasie started her Surety career twelve years ago at CHJ Management before joining Lloyds brokerage, ES Risks, where she was a Surety Bond Broker.
Career Opportunities
The vacancies below reflect Credit Insurance News Job Board on 12 October 2022.  Click here to see Credit Insurance News' current Job Board.

Commercial Underwriter - Trade Credit
Nexus Underwriting, London
About the job
Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to further develop your career within Trade Credit?

Who are we?
We are Nexus Trade Credit, part of the Global Kentro Group which includes the largest independent specialty Managing General Agent (MGA) in the London market, Nexus Underwriting; and Xenia Broking, a credit insurance and surety specialist broker.
We are a fast-paced, energetic and rapidly growing MGA. At Nexus, we are known for our ability to provide a perceptive and pioneering approach to underwriting and finding solutions. We are no different with our people, we don’t believe one size fits all. We want individuals willing to stand out and to be prepared to challenge thinking. We believe in the ability and potential of all our people and are committed to helping them reach their full potential and future career aspirations by providing a motivational and encouraging work environment.
Nexus Trade Credit is unique in the UK market, offering non-cancellable coverage on a whole turnover and ground up basis. Our products may suit clients that are looking to take on a significant deductible (XOL), or more traditional middle market clients through our ‘trigger’ and ‘complete’ policies. In addition we offer Top Up coverage in excess of primary insurance policies, allowing clients to achieve full limit satisfaction on sectors and buyers with capacity constraints.

About you
We are looking for a Commercial Underwriter to join our London office, ideally someone who has previous experience in a similar role. This person will be primarily focused on new business, working with the broking community to raise the profile of our commercial offering.

What will you be doing?
Your key responsibilities will be:
  • Generating new business via proactive development of the broker network 
  • Developing strong relationships with brokers, insureds and prospects to facilitate submission flow, profitable portfolio growth and sustaining high renewal rates 
  • Evaluating corporate credit risk, taking into account the full scope of the policy and risks relating to countries and industries
  • Liaising internally and externally about buyer risks and policies. This includes underwriters, brokers, clients, buyers and information providers 
  • Working as part of a team to ensure a consistent presence and response rate in the market, while managing workloads within the team 
  • Preparing pricing models, liaising with brokers, issuing non-binding indications of terms and putting new policies on risk
  • 2+ years of work experience in a credit insurance company or related industry 
  • A bachelors degree or equivalent experience 
  • A broad knowledge of an interest in domestic and global economic trends 
  • Awareness of credit insurance terminology and policy features 
  • Ability to work as part of a team and prepared to take on new responsibilities and challenges as required
  • Good communication skills - written & oral 
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Office 
  • Some travel required within the UK to visit clients and brokers.
To apply for this job please go to https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3267715227/?refId=eaqph3q3vwjbta68pL0Byg%3D%3D.
Events & Professional Development
GTR Egypt 2022 Cairo, 20 October 2022. Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Cairo, Egypt.
Returning to Cairo for the first time since 2017, GTR Egypt 2022 will host the ideal networking and discussion platform for leading trade and export practitioners across the Egyptian market. Join a range of industries and sector as we reflect on the latest developments across this dynamic and exciting market.
The programme for the day will consider a range of themes, from the ongoing process of market reform and the discourse around letters of credit and reducing the country’s reliance on imports, supply chains and digitisation, intra-regional trade flows, ESG priorities and food security concerns.
The event provides the ideal opportunity for corporates and financiers looking to gain the latest market insights to debate and network with potential clients and peers alike. We hope to have the chance to welcome you there!
For more information go to https://www.gtreview.com/events/africa/gtr-egypt-2022-cairo/.
Credit Insurance News readers can secure a 15% discount with the code CIN15.
GTR Africa, 2 November. London, UK
GTR Africa 2022 will return to London on November 2 to provide the latest developments on a range of topics including trade and commodities, ECA and infrastructure finance, sustainable development, fintech innovations and more.
Now firmly established as the leading London-based trade finance gathering for Africa-focused corporates and financiers, event participants will receive the opportunity to connect with all corners of the market, from local and international banks to multinational corporations and SMEs, independent financiers, commodity brokers and traders, insurers and risk managers, lawyers, consultants, ECAs, multilaterals and more!
Delivering a cutting-edge agenda, over 40 speakers will highlight a variety of in-depth sessions on key issues impacting on Africa’s trade and export finance markets.
Participants will broaden their knowledge of this exciting continent and improve opportunities for new business relationships focused on high quality and long-term investments in Africa.
Secure your pass: https://www.gtreview.com/events/europe/gtr-africa-2022-london/#tab_book.
Credit Insurance News readers can secure a 15% discount with the code CIN15.
8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum, 23-24 November. Clifford Chance, London.
The Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum returns this November as a two-day event. Join us to discuss current, new and avant-garde finance systems outside traditional banking, which have potential to replace financial institutions in their current format. We will look at the gateways for banks and other traditional liquidity providers to move into this space. Could we be on the verge of alternative finance becoming mainstream? Will decentralised finance become a new major source of delivering liquidity to the trade and receivables finance sector? How will other technologies continue to impact traditional markets? What can banks do to remain competitive and what are the practicalities of investing in the new technologies?
This November we will bring together panels of expert commentators from across the banking, fintech and non-banking finance sectors to discuss the opportunities set out by the new wave of innovative solutions and why banks, insurers, traditional platforms and others should take notice.
Credit Insurance News' readers can get 20% discount with code: MEDIA-20.
For more information and to reserve your place go to https://bcrpub.com/events/8th-annual-alternative-receivables-finance-forum.
MENA Supply Chain Finance 2022, 28-29 November. Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Al Mamzar.
Factoring and supply chain finance in the MENA region is attracting a lot of interest as it quickens its development. The region is rapidly growing into a global trading hub between east and west, with open account trading becoming increasingly common. The adoption of new technologies and the recognition of opportunity by investors, banks and fintechs is creating a very fertile environment. In the UAE, factoring and supply chain finance have been given a significant boost by the introduction of a Factoring Law (Federal Decree Law No (16) of 2021) which was issued on 29 August 2021 and came into effect on 7 December 2021. As a result, there has been an explosion of interest in receivables finance there. MENA Supply Chain Finance will examine the impact of these recent developments and the opportunities for the development and growth of factoring and supply chain finance and prospects for supporting the burgeoning demand for finance among SMEs and larger businesses. MENA Supply Chain Finance is not only for banks and financial institutions but also for fintechs, technology providers, credit insurers and all those with an interest in receivables finance. Credit Insurance News' readers can get 20% discount with code: MEDIA-20.
For more information and to reserve your place go to https://bcrpub.com/events/mena-supply-chain-finance-2022.
Professional Development
STECIS, the Trade Credit Insurance & Surety Academy endorsed by ICISA, offers a range of webinars and classroom training courses.
The webinars on Trade Credit Insurance and Surety are organised multiple times per year: the next webinars on Trade Credit Insurance are planned on 20 October and 17 November 2022.
For 2023 the new range of Classroom courses are planned as well:
  • 14 & 15 February 2023: Trade Credit Insurance Foundation Course
  • 16 & 17 February 2023: Trade Credit Insurance Advanced Course 
  • 14 & 15 February 2023: Surety Foundation Course
  • 16 & 17 February 2023: Surety Advanced Course
Registrations have to be in before 11 December 2022.
All classroom courses will take place in the Steigenberger Airport hotel close to Schiphol Airport/Amsterdam the Netherlands. The courses include the lunches and a dinner at the end of the first training day.
The courses are hosted by seasoned expert from the industry and there is enough opportunity for posing questions, discussions and networking.
Also there is the possibility to arrange an inhouse training: then there will be created a tailor made outline for your staff on basis the training demand of your of your company. The training will be effected at your own offices or at a venue of choice.
Details information about the webinar and classroom training courses are available on the Stecis’ website: www.stecis.org also further information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to info@stecis.org.
About this month's sponsor: Tinubu
About Tinubu watch our brand reveal video
Tinubu is the business facilitator and exchange enabler that delivers fluidity and simplicity to the insurance industry by using the strength of collective performance.
Our company is an alliance of technology software and insurance expertise offering the best combination to its clients. It covers the entire value chain of credit insurance & surety with one end- to-end platform, connecting every part of your business with one digital highway.
Created in 2000 and headquartered in Paris, France, Tinubu is an independent software provider and employs 170 people, located in Paris, London, New York, Orlando, Singapore, and Montreal. Its clients represent 30 of the top 60 Credit & Surety underwriters worldwide.
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