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Credit Insurance News
Credit insurer is concerned at the spike in claims for bad debts in Australia. Mybusiness has reported that NCI's latest Trade Credit Risk Index recorded a 50% increase (to 462) in the number of trade credit insurance claims made in Australia in the quarter to June compared to the the previous three months. This is the highest number of claims ever recorded in the index’s seven-year history. The analysis also saw a corresponding rise in the total value of these claims, hitting AU$34.1 million — up from AU$27.8 million in the previous quarter. Overall, the construction sector saw the highest number of claims lodged, while the electrical sector topped the list by value, with claims worth AU$4.92 million. To read Mybusiness' article go to https://www.mybusiness.com.au/finance/6073-insurer-concerned-at-spike-in-claims-for-bad-debts.
A growing number of US businesses now view cash as safer than payment by credit. GTR (Global Trade Review) has published an article which reports that a new survey by Atradius indicates that a quarter of all B2B invoices issued by firms in the US, Mexico and Canada are past due. David Huey of Atradius told GTR that Atradius are seeing a deterioration in payment practices and predict a surge in payment delays throughout the rest of 2019. As a result, businesses in the US and Mexico are now requesting quicker payment of invoices than one year ago. In addition, more businesses now appear to view cash as safer than payment by credit, (51% in the US, 63% in Mexico and 39% in Canada) and plan to request payment in cash from B2B customers more frequently. To read GTR's article go to https://www.gtreview.com/news/americas/poor-payment-practices-put-north-american-firms-under-pressure/.
New UK unsecured creditor figures illustrate the value of trade credit insurance. New research by InfolinkGazette has indicated that the recent UK failures of fashion retailer LK Bennett Limited, anaerobic digester Grays Biogas Limited and construction company Shaylor Group Limited have between then left 921 unsecured creditors owed approximately £83.5 million. Commenting on Shaylor Group (£34,932,800 owed to 666 unsecured creditors), Greg Connell, Managing Director of InfolinkGazette, said: "Most of the large Credit Reference Agencies were still recommending credit right up until the appointment of Administrators, which serves to demonstrate the benefits of credit insurance, even when the credit experts are saying all is well.” To read InfolinkGazette's analysis go to https://www.infolinkgazette.co.uk/?pid=6.
Capacity for credit and political risk insurance is close to an all-time high. Insurance Business Canada has reported that according to new figures released by broker Gallagher, rising geopolitical tensions have not stopped credit and political risk insurers’ capacity from maintaining a nearly all-time high level. Matthew Solley, Gallagher's Structured Credit and Political Risks Managing Director, commented: “Despite such issues, the increasing depth of expertise within the market is enabling insurers to continue to take on risks in challenging territories, providing cover which is of critical importance in enabling emerging market growth, while policyholders have the benefit of protection from well-rated insurers.” To read Insurance Business' article go to https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/ca/news/breaking-news/gallagher-divulges-insurers-political-risk-capacity-176844.aspx.
The door to a global recession is wide open. Fresh Plaza has reported that Euler Hermes and the Allianz insurance group have produced a combined study, German Global Trade Momentum (GGTM), to analyse the extent to which the German economy is "a heart monitor" for global trade dynamics. Johan Geeroms, Head of Risk Underwriting Euler Hermes Netherlands, commented “Germany is the third exporter in the world, and as an exporter, they’re widely represented in a number of economic sectors. . . As a result, global developments can be observed earlier in Germany than anywhere else.” According to Mr Geeroms, not only does the severely weakening German economy indicate that the door to a global recession is wide open, the GGTM research sees no sign of recovery. "It’s almost inevitable that the global economy will decrease in 2019. That will be the first time since the financial crisis.” To read Fresh Plaza's article go to https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9133182/german-gauge-global-recession-continues/.
Corporate insolvencies rise for the first time in ten years. New research from Atradius has found that corporate insolvencies are on the rise globally due to the more challenging economic environment and high policy uncertainty. Atradius now forecasts that business failures in developed markets will rise by 2.8% in 2019 – the first annual increase in a decade – followed by another 1.2% increase in 2020. North America is predicted to see the highest insolvency growth (3.2% in 2019, 1.7% in 2020) as economic momentum wanes and companies increasingly face the costs of rising trade tensions. Similarly, Western Europe faces a 2.7% increase in insolvencies this year as economic growth decelerates and the manufacturing sector struggles amid lower global trade. Political uncertainty remains a key risk. To read Atradius' news release go to https://group.atradius.com/publications/economic-research/insolvency-forecasts-august-2019.html.
Trade credit insurance in New Zealand is still 'catching on'. Insurance Business NZ has reported that although trade credit insurance is a well-known product globally, New Zealand is still 'catching on' to its benefits. According to Mark Hoppe, Atradius Oceania's Managing Director, market saturation for this product is still relatively low, with only an estimated 6-10% of suitable businesses currently using trade credit insurance. He notes that although the primary factor that puts businesses off is cost, in most cases the exposures pose a significantly higher cost to the business if payment is not made. He concludes: “I always say to businesses – if paying this premium could help you double your business in 2-3 years, would you do it? The answer is always ‘yes’. So it’s really a conversation about the benefits, rather than looking at the initial cost.” To read Insurance Business' article go to https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/nz/news/breaking-news/are-your-clients-protected-against-bad-debt-173178.aspx.
Lockton partnership aims to market trade credit insurance in the Philippines. Insurance Business Asia has published an article which notes that in emerging markets such as the Philippines, trade credit insurance is currently virtually unknown. Furthermore, trade finance options for businesses in the Philippines are quite limited, especially for small businesses. To help boost the profile of trade credit insurance in the Philippine market, Singaporean-Filipino financial technology start-up Vesl, has announced that it has partnered with re/insurance broker Lockton to raise awareness and uptake of the cover in the market. Through the partnership, Lockton will use the Vesl platform to market and promote trade credit insurance. To read Insurance Business' article go to https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/asia/news/breaking-news/lockton-partners-up-to-boost-sme-growth-173184.aspx.
Nimbla and QBE announce commercial trade credit insurance partnership. Nimbla, a digital insurance platform, has announced a commercial partnership with QBE. The new collaboration, which aims to offer flexible and affordable trade credit insurance to SMEs, makes Nimbla a delegated underwriting authority of QBE and allows Nimbla to expand into new geographies. Following the announcement, Flemming Bengtsen, CEO and Founder of Nimbla, said: "Together we are committed to revolutionising the trade credit insurance industry, both here in the UK and abroad." The announcement also coincides with the launch of Nimbla’s new online platform, which has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier and faster to use. To read Nimbla's news release go to https://www.nimbla.com/blog/nimbla-and-qbe-announce-commercial-partnership.
Euler Hermes provides credit insurance to APiO Marketplace investor. Euler Hermes has announced an investment and strategic partnership with APiO Inc., a US FinTech company, to facilitate an innovative working capital solution called APiO EarlyPay for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). By directly integrating with leading accounting systems and leveraging the power of big data and AI, APiO EarlyPay aims to enable US businesses to register and get immediate funding on eligible invoices. According to APiO CEO William Borghetti: “Our proprietary technology allows APiO to simultaneously provide same-day funding for SMBs and create a totally new, high-quality asset class for institutional investors." To read Euler Hermes' news release go to https://www.eulerhermes.com/en_US/about-usa/press-releases/euler-hermes-partners-with-apio.html.
Euler Hermes Rating publishes SME & MidCap Rating methodology for Switzerland. Euler Hermes Rating GmbH has announced that TRIBRating is now being introduced in Switzerland - the fifth country in its wider European rollout. The TRIBRating service aims to enable small and mid-sized businesses with revenues between €10 million and €500 million to gain a transparent and internationally comparable credit rating using the full spectrum of the ‘AAA’ to ‘D’ global scale. The service was developed by Euler Hermes in collaboration with Moody’s Investors Service, and is already operational in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. François Bourgeois, CEO of Euler Hermes Rating, commented: "Smaller companies seeking to grow domestically or through export can now differentiate their credit risk levels from those of competitors in a way that has previously been typically restricted to larger businesses.” To read Euler Hermes' news release go to https://ehrg.de/ver/presse/SME_PR_Swiss_EN_2019.pdf.
Debt Collections Handbook's 2019. Atradius has published a series of Debt Collections Handbooks for the following countries: Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, UAE, UK, US, Croatia, China, Bulgaria. Each handbook presents a snapshot of the country's economic situation and covers legal procedures, interest and costs in the legal phase, insolvency proceedings, time frame and outcome. To download any of the Handbooks go to https://atradiuscollections.com/uk/publications.
The benefits of trade credit insurance. Global Banking & Finance Review has published an article in which Holger Schaefer, Head of Region at Euler Hermes Asia Pacific describes some of the benefits that trade credit insurance can offer companies - especially during a global deceleration of growth (Asia to grow by 4.8% in 2019 compared to 6% in 2018). Mr Schaefer notes that the penetration rate of trade credit insurance for APAC overall is currently around 3 to 4%, compared to approximately 15% in Europe. He comments that while most multinational and large companies in mature markets such as Australia, Singapore and Japan are involved have some degree of trade credit risk management, in emerging markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China most companies still rely on self-insurance. To read Global Banking & Finance Review's article go to https://www.globalbankingandfinance.com/the-benefits-of-trade-credit-insurance/.
Learning from recent retail bankruptcies. New research from Euler Hermes which analysed 31 bankruptcies in the US retail sector with annual turnovers exceeding US$70 million, has found that a common theme for 68% of those companies was customer preference shifting from traditional bricks and mortar to online purchases. In addition, despite compromising just 9% of the companies analysed, 61% of the bankruptcies were owned by Private Equity Firms and 41% experienced a liquidity crunch before their failure. Prior to their bankruptcy, 21 of the 31 companies were aggressively leveraged with net debt to EBITDA above 8.5x. To see Euler Hermes research and infographic go to https://www.eulerhermes.com/en_US/resources-and-insights/economic-insights/learning-from-recent-retail-bankruptcies.html.
LiquidX plans roll out its new trade credit insurance platform in Asia next year. GTR (Global Trade Review) has reported that following LiquidX’s launch of a new digital marketplace for trade credit insurance in the US, the company has announced plans to expand the platform to Singapore in the first half of 2020. Head of Asia at LiquidX, Rohit Goyal, told GTR: “Now, we plan to continue to grow in Asia, as we have customers based across the region, including in Hong Kong/China, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East.” The LiquidX Trade Credit Insurance Marketplace worked with Marsh, Euler Hermes and Atradius to build the platform. To read GTR's article go to https://www.gtreview.com/news/on-the-move/liquidx-expands-singapore-team-with-new-hires/.
Sluggish growth and rising business insolvencies in South Africa. Atradius has published its latest Country Report on South Africa which notes that South African economic growth was weak at less than 1% in 2018, and the sluggish performance continued into 2019. In Q1 of 2019, for example, GDP contracted 3.2% quarter-on-quarter - the largest decline since the 2008 global financial crisis. In addition, according to Statistics South Africa business insolvencies increased 30% year-on-year between March 2018 an March 2019, and business liquidations rose by 53% between April 2018 and April 2019. Looking ahead, given the subdued performance of manufacturing, mining and the fact that consumer-related sectors struggle with weaker household spending, Atradius expects that business insolvencies and liquidations will increase further in 2019. To read Atradius' report go to https://atradius.us/reports/country-report-south-africa-2019.html.
The Berne Union publishes its latest newsletter. The Berne Union has released the July issue of its BUlletin, 'Export Credit and Investment Insurance, Today and Tomorrow'. This issue examines how current trends may influence the future of the export credit and investment insurance industry over the coming decade. In addition, Berne Union Educational Scholarship winner, Shelley Schad (AXA XL), presents her vision of the export credit insurance industry in 2030, Lyron Wahrmann and Asaf Gavrieli of Surecomp describe technology as a ‘change-enabler’ in the article Transforming trade finance via digitalization; and Atradius' John Lorié, describes the extent to which Public credit insurance benefits international trade. To read the BUlletin go to https://www.berneunion.org/Newsletter.
AI-based product helps importers assess and insurers risk on Chinese suppliers. GTR (Global Trade Review) has reported that South African insurance company Hollard has launched a new product that insures importers against non-delivery from China. Reinsurance is provided by Munich Re. The new insurance product targets importers (and their financiers), as opposed to traditional trade credit insurance which is taken up by the exporter to cover the risk of non-payment. This is particularly the case when trading with Chinese exporters, who typically require advanced payments on orders, The product has first been launched as a pilot in South Africa, where Hollard will evaluate the risk criteria, pricing and demand for the product. To read GTR's article go to https://www.gtreview.com/news/fintech/insurer-launches-ai-based-product-to-cover-importers-against-non-delivery/.
UK automotive sector output decreased by more than 20% in the first half of 2019. Atradius' latest Market Monitor Automotive for the UK warns that the British automotive sector´s performance has deteriorated over the past 12 months and major challenges and increased insolvencies are looming ahead. According to OICA, in 2018 UK automotive sector output decreased 8.3%, followed by a 20.1% decline in H1 of 2019. As a result, Atradius has now downgraded the sector performance outlook from “Fair” to “Poor” and tightened its underwriting stance for the Tier 2 and the car dealers segments. To read Atradius' news release go to https://group.atradius.com/publications/market-monitor-automotive-united-kingdom-2019.html.
New country specific Market Monitor reports Automotive are also available for: Germany, US, China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Sweden.
Tinubu Square launches Bonding Insurance Suite. Tinubu Square has launched a new product, the Tinubu Bonding Insurance Suite, which has been developed to help surety carriers adopt the technologies they need to manage an increasing number of bond wordings and signature processes. Olivier Placca, Tinubu Square Deputy CEO, said: “The Bonding Insurance Suite is an extension of our existing, proven software, so it offers opportunities to digitise transactions and take advantage of data assets. It will also ensure that companies are equipped for fluctuating regulations and the particular demands of operating in multiple geographical locations.” To read Tinubu Square's news release go to https://www.tinubu.com/launch-of-bonding-insurance-suite/.
Congratulations to . . . 
Tinubu Square has announced that it has reached the final top 5 of the inaugural Global Corda InsurTech Challenge, a competition that rewards blockchain insurance startups and the innovation investment arms of insurance companies. Tinubu Square has progressed through a number of different rounds, initially competing against more than 60 companies in various activities. Tinubu Square is the only European company to reach the top 5 selected companies and has been recognized with an ‘honorable mention’. The announcement of the winner will take place at the CordaCon event in London on 23-24 October.
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New Appointments
Canopius has announced the appointment of Jamie Jeffers as Underwriter, Credit & Political Risk for Canopius Asia Pacific. Mr Jeffers previously worked for Willis Towers Watson as Executive Director, Financial Solutions – Credit and Political Risk. He will be based in Singapore.
Markel International has appointed Jonathan Finch as senior underwriter in its surety team in London. He joins Markel from Travelers Insurance Company Limited, where he was senior surety underwriter. Reporting to Damian Manning, head of surety, Mr Finch will be responsible for the servicing and development of the surety portfolio.
Euler Hermes has announced that Christopher Shortell has been recently appointed as Euler Hermes China CEO, based in Shanghai. He was formerly AIG's Head of Trade Credit, Political Risk & Surety - Asia Pacific and Middle East.
Atradius has confirmed the appointment of Darren Power as Head of Commercial for its UK Northern Hub. Mr Power moves to Atradius from Aon Credit Solutions where he was branch director for Aon’s UK North Eastern Branch.
Liberty Specialty Markets has appointed James Goodliffe to the role of Senior Underwriting Officer - Trade Credit North America, based in Chicago. Mr Goodliffe formerly worked as Senior Regional Manager (Great Lakes region) for Export Development Canada.
Nimbla has announced that Karl Hague has become its Head of Sales & Partnerships. He previously worked as Business Development Manager at Avenue Insurance Partners having and has over 15 years in the credit management sector serving in both the debt collection and credit insurance industries.
Coface has announced several new appointments and promotions. 
  • Benoit Ganzmann becomes CEO of Coface China, based in Shanghai. Mr Ganzmann previously worked as CEO of Euler Hermes China, and Risk, Information, Claims and Collections APAC Regional Director. In addition to this role, Mr Ganzmann will also lead China Global Solutions, a new initiative from Coface. 
  • Paul Chun becomes Coface's Western US Region Vice President and General Manager of Sales, based in California. He joins Coface from Euler Hermes North America, where he was Vice President of Sales. 
  • Lee Spurrier will lead Coface's US Sales. He previously worked as Coface's Regional Manager - Western US -and in 2008 founded the L.B. Spurrier Insurance Agency, Inc. to serve as Coface’s General Agency for the Western US. 
  • Benoit Urbin changes position to become Coface's Canada Country Manager. Mr Urbin has been with Coface since 2014 and most recently served as Coface's Chief Commercial and Risk Underwriting Officer, Western Europe. 
  • Paul Haigley will head North America Commercial Underwriting. He joined Coface several months ago in an interim role leading Coface's US Specialty Broker team but previously worked as Vice President, Senior Underwriter for AXA Insurance Company. 
  • Daniel Franca becomes Coface's Senior Vice President - Regional Head of Financial Institutions and Structured Products, based in New York.  He has been with Coface for nearly two years and most recently had responsibility for leading the North American Commercial Underwriting team.
Lockton Companies Australia has announced two new appointments at its Sydney Office: 
  • Liam Berry becomes National Manager for trade credit, surety, and political. He joins from AIG where he led AIG’s multinational and strategic markets (Asia/India) trade credit division.
  • Maha Awada becomes Manager for trade credit, surety, and political. She formerly worked as Senior Underwriter - Trade Credit at AIG. 
Career Opportunities
Credit Insurance Claims Manager
(Credit & Surety Division)

Rearsby, Leicestershire
Tokio Marine HCC has a vacancy for a Credit Insurance Claims Manager (Credit & Surety). The successful applicant will report to Tokio Marine HCC's Head of Claims/Underwriting Director (Credit). 

Job Purpose
  • To manage a team of claims technicians handling the claims arising from Trade Credit Insurance policies.
  • Providing technical input and expertise (after experience) into investigation and negotiation and settlement of claims (involving checking invoices /ledgers /insolvency details and contracts giving rise to debts)
  • Authorising claim reserves and payments
  • Reporting losses to reinsurers and verifying reinsurance calculations
  • Development and implementation of departmental procedures
  • Managing workload, ensuring prompt turnaround of all claims and queries
  • Training, developing and supporting team members including 1 to 1 meetings and regular appraisals
  • Assisting with recruitment /resourcing
  • Building, maintaining and managing relationships with external debt collectors and lawyers
  • Instructing lawyers and managing cases referred to them
  • Monitoring and reporting on developments on open claims
  • Pursuing recovery options including retention of title claims and dividend payments from insolvencies
  • Liaison with insolvency practitioners to verify and understand claim events
  • Recommending improvements to bespoke computer systems and assisting with testing and sign off of improvements
  • Carrying out claim inspections at clients premises
  • Liaison with brokers and providing support to them on claims issues
  • Month end reporting and reconciliations
  • Attending meetings including taking minutes as required
  • Other reasonable duties as required by senior management 
Skills and Experience Specification:
(previous experience in insurance /credit insurance is not essential for this role as training will be given) Essential Skills: 
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent, preferably in a law or business-related subject
  • Minimum 2 years previous management /supervisory experience
  • Strong management and organizational skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Drive and determination to solve problems and make things happen
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Good understanding of customer service
  • Good commercial awareness
  •  Strong initiative /self-driven 
  • Good command of Microsoft Office (Word /Excel /Powerpoint /Outlook)
  • Willingness to learn new skills 
Desirable Skills (any of the following):
  • Previous experience in either insurance, banking, debt collection or credit management
  • Basic understanding of company accounts /financial analysis
  • Understanding of contract law 
  • Understanding of insolvency
  • Understanding of credit management 
The Tokio Marine HCC Group of Companies offers a competitive salary and employee benefit package. We are a successful, dynamic organization experiencing rapid growth and are seeking energetic and confident individuals to join our team of professionals.  The Tokio Marine HCC Group of companies is an equal opportunity employer.  Please visit www.tokiomarinehcc.com for more information about our companies. 

To apply for this vacancy please email a CV and covering letter to Jennifer Corden at JCORDEN@tmhcc.com.

Account Executive/Business Development Executive, Leeds
An opportunity to join the W Denis Credit Risks team, and become part of a well established growing independent specialist broker. 
Based out of the group head office in Leeds, you will be initially be responsible for new business throughout the North of England, supported by our in house business development team. Longer term there is the possibility of moving over to a servicing role as our business grows. 
Training and support is provided, and candidates need to be enthusiastic and self motivated. Experience of sales and credit insurance preferred, must be IT literate and familiar with the usual Microsoft programmes. 
Salary – commensurate upon experience. 
Apply in writing to John Cockshutt, Brigade House, 86 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS3 1LQ john.cockshutt@wdenis.co.uk (please mark applications confidential).

About W Denis – W Denis Credit Risks Ltd is an independent limited company, with offices in Leeds, Tamworth and London. Majority owned by the W Denis Group, but with shares held by employees as well, the business has been trading since 2000, and has grown steadily in the last 9 years. The W Denis group was set up in 1963, and is a Lloyds of London broker, with its HQ in West Yorkshire. 
Events & Offers
Digital Credit Management Conference, 26-27 September. Göttingen, Germany
Schumann are pleased to invite you to our two-day Digital Credit Management Conference in September in Germany. 
The main topics of our conference are: 
  • AI-driven credit and receivables management
  • Alternative business models in credit insurance
  • Integration of insurance solutions into trading platforms. 
We are expecting speakers and participants from Atradius, AXA, Coface, Euler Hermes, Munich Re, Nexus Trade Credit, R+V, Swiss Re, Zurich etc. Over the past 15 years our conference has become a leading platform for credit management experts. 
Registration is free of charge. 
To view the full agenda and register please follow this link: https://www.prof-schumann.de/en/company/schumann-conference.
If you need any further information please contact Bettina Bühnert (b.buehnert@prof-schumann.de).
GTR Europe 2019, 14 October 2019. Paris, France
GTR Europe 2019 returns to Paris to welcome regional trade experts from across the continent. A key market gathering for European trade and export finance business heads and key relationship builders, the event will further expand on GTR’s unrivalled reach across the regional and global trade finance market.
Expected to welcome over 250 delegates from 15 countries, the conference will deliver a well-rounded outlook on Europe’s economic growth, trade concerns and priorities for the future, allowing representatives to share their insights on the most current topics.
This one-day event features sessions addressed by and for corporates and is one not to be missed by those looking to build trade relations across a range of exciting markets! 
Last year, the two largest sectors in attendance were corporates & traders (39%) and bankers & financiers (22%). Over 250 different companies from around the world were in attendance, 78% of all attendees held a senior to a c-level position. Use code: EBD10 for 10% early booking discount – expires September 20. Click here for more information.
Supply Chain Finance Summit, 15-16 October 2019. Singapore
BCR’s Supply Chain Finance Summit-APAC in Singapore focuses on the growth of supply chain finance across the APAC region.
With local governments, international and regional banks; and investors all actively encouraging the development of local and cross-border SCF programmes, it is now, more than ever before, vital to review the latest developments in this market and understand how to capitalise on opportunities in this region.
Join us in Singapore to hear from the industry's thought leaders, engage in debate, network with your peers and help define the future of working capital.
As event partners, Credit Insurance News can offer their members a 10% discount on a delegate pass rate. To register please follow this link https://bcrpub.com/events/supply-chain-finance-summit-apac-0.
 The Credit Insurance News delegate discount code is CIN19 – please utilise the code upon booking.

GTR Africa London 2019, 13 November 2019. London
GTR’s well-known annual African-focused conference, GTR Africa London, will return once again to London this Autumn. It has quickly become a key annual gathering for domestic and international trade, as well as export and project finance professionals focusing on growth and sustainability within Africa.
Over 300 delegates are expected in attendance on November 13, with a dual-stream conference agenda covering a broad range of topics focusing on creating a sustainable vision for the future of African trade. Delegates will explore these topics through multi-format sessions which will include; case studies, interactive panel discussions, break-out sessions, and a new ‘fire-side chat’ format, as well as our famous networking opportunities.
GTR Africa London will look at the pros of ECA’s, supporting infrastructure development and tech innovation and how it can benefit the European region in the global trade race for Africa as well as using the benefits of common European languages in negotiations for a sense of trust through language. The conference will also dive into the risks involved in investing into Africa alongside Chinese and UK government policies while exploring the “in’s and out’s” of the AfCFTA.
As supporting partner, we have secured a limited amount of free Corporate Rate passes to attend the event, normally £849. Corporate Rate passes are only available to those who are exporters, importers, manufactures, distributors, traders & producers of physical goods and are not valid in conjunction with other discounts and available for new registrations only.
To check your eligibility, and to register on a free Corporate Rate pass, please contact Tanya Naysmith at tnaysmith@gtreview.com.
All others, including bankers, insurers, solution providers etc., can receive a special 15% partnership discount when booking online with code: CIN15.
For more information on GTR Africa London 2019, visit 
the event website or download the event brochure.
Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum, 14 November. London
Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum tracks the transformation of receivables and invoice finance; showcasing the most successful new entrants to the market, examining the future of technology-enabled funding models, and driving the conversation on alternative finance for SMEs. This is a unique gathering, where you can network with established receivables finance providers and ‘alternative’ SME funders and find out how the competitive landscape for commercial finance is changing.
The comprehensive programme provides insights into the priorities influencing SMEs’ financial choices and showcases the latest technology-enabled distribution models.
As event partners, Credit Insurance News can offer their members a 10% discount on a delegate pass rate. To register please follow this link https://bcrpub.com/events/alternative-receivables-finance-forum-1. The Credit Insurance News delegate discount code is CIN19 – please utilise the code upon booking. Alternatively you can contact yongmei.he@bcrpub.com quoting your discount code for payment via invoice.
Supply Chain Finance Summit, 30-31 January 2020. Amsterdam
The fifth annual Supply Chain Finance Summit is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends, ideas and developments transforming working capital and supply chain management, as well as a chance to network with leaders in the industry.
This in-depth event tracks the transformation of supply chain finance (SCF); showcasing the latest innovations within the industry for both domestic and cross-border financing, examining the future of technology-enabled supply chain models, and driving the conversation on increasing access of SCF for SMEs and emerging markets.
As event partners, Credit Insurance News can offer their members a 10% discount on a delegate pass rate. To register please follow this link https://bcrpub.com/events/supply-chain-finance-summit-1.
The Credit Insurance News delegate discount code is CIN20– please utilise the code upon booking. Alternatively you can contact yongmei.he@bcrpub.com quoting your discount code for payment via invoice.
About the Sponsor: STA International
STA International is the recommended debt collection partner to six credit insurance underwriters. Systems alignment provides a secure and transparent service to reduce protracted default (PD) claims, and increase policyholders’ cash flow.
When UK and overseas accounts are referred at the end of the Maximum Extension Period (MEP) to STA, Late Payment Act interest and collection cost is added to the principal debt, and immediate contact made with the buyer.
This early intervention results in the majority of accounts being paid quickly, the policyholder receiving prompt remittance of the principal sum and interest, with STAs costs covered by the buyer paying the collection costs.
The underwriter has online access to each and every action taken by STA, including a consolidation of a single buyer across multiple policyholders. Simultaneously, the policyholder sees every STA action on each buyer it places for collection, along with collection success dashboard and recovery cost details.
With PD claims reduced for the underwriter, cash flow and premium protection maximised for the policyholder, STA provides a win-win solution to the challenges of cash collection.
To find out more, please visit 
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