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Founded in 2000, Credit & Business Finance (CBF) quickly gained a top position in the UK Independent Broking League for Trade Risk Solutions, thanks to a focus on new business development – supported by a dedicated team providing specialist technical expertise.
Offering impartial advice and qualified guidance on Credit Insurance and risk mitigation to businesses in the UK and Ireland, CBF enables its clients to trade confidently in any economic climate, by providing access to the latest risk assessment and protection tools. Not only are policies tailored to clients’ specific business objectives, strategy and risk philosophy, but the company’s varied sector-specific knowledge offers optimum value to many different types of business. CBF is well-known for its success rates in claims payments and increasing Credit Limits, while its portfolio of credit management options supports finance opportunities as well as improving credit control procedures. 
The company’s status as one of the industry’s leading lights has recently been confirmed with a prestigious award win – CBF was named Credit Insurance Specialist of the Year at the Chartered Institute of Credit Management Awards 2017. 
In addition, CBF was instrumental in founding the Global Trade Credit Alliance (GTCA), which provides credit insurance specifically for multinationals. This international network of specialists, accessible through CBF, offers tailored policies for subsidiary companies, delivering all the benefits of specific local knowledge along with the ease, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a single point of contact provided in each country. 
To find out more about CBF, call 01279 722555 or email info@cbfb.co.uk.
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