About this Issue's Sponsor: World Television
We are a leading international video communications agency.
We provide professional video technology and content solutions – from the world’s most established webcast platforms to world-class production event management and content creation.
Every year we support the most visible companies and organisations at their most important moments in time. Webcasting their major events, powering their internal video communications, creating original content across the globe and delivering to multiple audiences in multiple languages in multiple locations.
We are one video communications agency with technology at its heart and a wide range of video platforms, products and services such as:
  • Live and on-demand webcast and streaming platforms 
  • Technology intelligence and customised video platform solutions 
  • Video event management and content production services
We have three pillars within our business
  • Investor Relations:  In shifting economic and market environments, World Television’s leading edge platforms enable you to communicate results, company news, market sensitive analysis and business insight directly to your stakeholders within a highly secure environment that is customized to your specific requirements.  
  • Internal Communications: Your people are your most important asset and communicating safely, frequently and interactively with your teams is essential to achieve your objectives. Whether you need an internal webcast series or a major town-hall event – or a compelling video in health and safety, World Television brings video communications together to engage with your employees. 
  •  External Communications: We support and evolve the digital video communications strategies of over 130 leading organisations, helping them connect easily and effectively with their diverse audiences. We advise, create and deliver projects that fully integrate within your marketing objectives.
World Television has a range of product and services to cater to your every communication need. Find out more about our platforms and services at http://www.world-television.com, email us or call James on + 44 20 7243 7350.
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