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About this Issue's Sponsor: Tinubu Square
  • Tinubu Square provides IT SaaS software solutions and services to different businesses, with a focus on 3 main market segments: 
    1.   Trade Credit Insurers Receivable 
    2.   Receivable Financing (Factors, Banks, ABL) 
    3.   Corporates
  • As a fintech innovation flagship, Tinubu Square has redesigned trade credit risk management through its state-of-the-art technological approach, which integrates data & decision analytics, and process automation expertise. 
  • Tinubu Square enables organizations across the world to significantly reduce their exposure to risk, their financial, operational, and technical costs with best-in-class technology solutions. 
  • Thanks to its highly experienced team of credit analysts, Tinubu Square provides tailor-made credit risk assessments and recovery services on any company in any country. 
  • Tinubu Square has built an ecosystem of customers in over 20 countries worldwide and has a global presence with offices in Paris, London, New York, Montreal and Singapore.
Tinubu Square stands out for delivering SaaS software and services across all parts of the Trade Credit Industry sector and throughout the world. 
Founded in 2000 by current senior management, Tinubu Square is a software vendor, leading expert in trade credit risk management, with over 15 years of sustainable and profitable growth. 
Take a look at what Tinubu’s credit insurer customers, including QBE, EDC and The Guarantee have to say about how their organisations have been supported. Click here
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