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InfolinkGazette was established in 2012 to collect and digitise all of the information available on UK Insolvencies, with the aim of helping Credit Insurance companies, Brokers and other Risk Management businesses find the optimum time to call commercial prospects and present their company's solution; the time when the prospect has the greatest propensity to purchase a Credit Insurance or Risk Management solution, which is shortly after the prospect has incurred an unsecured credit loss following one of their customers going out of business. 
Our subscribers' sales producers might have unsuccessfully prospected a potential client a week earlier, and then suddenly, following a letter from a liquidator, notifying them of their trade credit loss, the propensity to buy credit insurance changes overnight. 
During an average quarter, the InfolinkGazette data quality editors process over 2,500 insolvency files, with total unpaid/unsecured credit losses of approximately £1 billion, resulting from an average 45,000 ordinary unpaid trade creditors who have each lost an average of more than £20,000. 
The information is available via our website 24/7, with extensive search, viewing and download facilities; the database of over 0.7 million records, is increasing at the rate of almost 15,000 unsecured creditors per month, so we are constantly refreshing the supply of quality new business prospects for Credit & Risk Management professionals. 
 InfolinkGazette are part of Connell Data Ltd (CDL), a specialist commercial information provider of databases, such as: UK/IR Business Reference Files; Foreign Financial Institutions Operating in the Crown Dependencies, Deliberate Tax Defaulters and UK Listed Company Acquisitions.
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