About this Issue's Sponsor: Tinubu Square
Tinubu Square stands out for delivering SaaS software and services across all parts of the credit sector and throughout the world.
  • Credit Insurer
  • Receivables financing organisations
  • Corporate organisations with several subsidiaries and multinational corporations 
The company has over 15 years of sustainable and profitable growth, and has an international footprint with 90% of its revenues outside its home country, France. It has a global team of over 100. 

The Tinubu Square platform, originally designed by a team of experts in the credit insurance business, has been approved by the world’s leading credit insurers and reinsurers. 

For the last fifteen years Tinubu has made it its business to deliver collaborative software that gives its customers greater visibility and management of their risks, improvements in their business agility and the ability to reduce financial, operational and technical costs by up to 30%.

The platform provides tactical value and strategic insight to organisations, improving operational efficiency, credit governance, decision-making and financial control across the entire acquisition and management cycle that incorporates best practice, speeds processes and delivers compliance.

Being cloud-based is one of the strengths of Tinubu Square’s solutions, eliminating the need for ongoing technical maintenance. It can also link efficiently with existing systems, including ERP and CRM, without any negative hardware integration impact. The flexibility of the solution means that companies with locations anywhere in the world have been able to leverage Tinubu Square Trade Credit Risk Management solutions. 

Who benefits?
  • Trade Credit Insurers – because they can increase efficiency at all stages of the credit insurance lifecycle through proven best practices and a consolidated 360° view. They can reduce their risk and risk management costs by up to 30%, reduce the time to deployment, and scale the architecture to allow for better adaptation within their businesses, enabled by Tinubu Square’s software, which is unique in the breadth of functionality that it offers the credit market. 
Take a look at what Tinubu’s credit insurer customers, including QBE, EDC and The Guarantee have to say about how their organisations have been supported. Click here (https://goo.gl/YVJaIT)

  • Corporate organisations – Tinubu has helped to provide an intuitive interface with trade credit insurers, whilst also making it easier for companies to self-insure if they choose to do so. Above all it has helped credit management departments to raise their profile and realise better value within their own organisations. 
The improved governance that is facilitated by Tinubu’s software brings operational improvements at all levels of the business and its subsidiaries, and can adapt to its client’s internal processes and structures, with a wide range of customised and on-demand tools to increase productivity, improve cash flow, and reduce management costs. 

  • Receivables Financing - The factoring sector benefits from the industrialisation of the platform, tailor-made tools and information which is essential to their decision-making processes.  

  • Brokers - Tinubu brings additional value to brokers, who, through a portal, can submit quotes and proposals to credit insurers for their clients and manage their insurance policies. 
Tinubu Square has built an ecosystem of customers in over 20 countries worldwide

In the credit insurance industry: ACE (UK), EDC (Canada), QBE (Australia), SACE (Italy) SBI General (India), The Guarantee (Canada), Tokio Marine HCC (China) – Amongst corporate and receivables financing organisations: Aldermore (UK), Barrett Steel (UK), Bibby (UK), Computers Unlimited (UK), Delachaux (France), Eurofactor (France), Eugène Perma (France), Fraikin (France), Kering (France) Linpac Packaging limited (UK), Samsung (France), Technicolor (France), etc. 

Industry Validation
  • Highly Commended at the Credit Excellence Awards 2016 (UK)
  • Recognised as a finalist in the Red Herring 100 Awards in 2013 amongst the most promising private ventures in technology
  • Top 5 finalist in the Financial Sector Technology ‘Risk Management Software of the Year’ Award in 2013
  • Named in PriceWaterhouseCoopers Global 100 Software Leaders (France)
  • Top 25 Accenture Innovation Awards for Best Financial Service
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