About this Issue's Sponsor: Trade Credit.
Trade Credit's innovative offering has earned the trust of the market, as is evidenced by the company's exceptional growth and expansion. Since its founding in 2004, Trade Credit has steadily expanded in Europe, providing proximity and personalised local service to its insured clients and brokers.The UK branch was set up in February 2013 by John Carter, Country Manager – UK & Ireland, who commented: “We have seen profitability and growth across the group, particularly in the UK where we have established a diverse client base. I am delighted with the growth in our branch whereby our XOL philosophy has evolved by way of product development. Our solutions can cater for medium to large UK corporate’s and international companies for both XOL and Top up alike. I would like to thank our brokers and clients for their continued support”. 

Trade Credit is part of the Credendo Group, who’s majority shareholder is Delcredere Ducroire, the Belgian Export Credit Agency. It provides Trade Credit with its expert knowledge of the mechanism of international commerce and its know-how as an insurer of large companies and special risks. In 2015, Delcredere Ducroire obtained an AA rating from Standard & Poors.
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