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About this Issue's Sponsor: Tokio Marine HCC
Tokio Marine HCC International Insurance Company PLC (HCCI) is a subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, with group offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland and Germany. 
Acquired by Tokio Marine in 2015, HCCI now benefits from the global foot-print that comes from a Global Top Ten Insurer – a presence in 486 cities and c. $173bn net assets. Following the acquisition, HCC International is trading as Tokio Marine HCC – International Group. 
A UK domiciled specialty insurer with a high ‘AA-’ (Very Strong) rating with Standard & Poor’s, HCCI has successfully developed a book of niche products ranging from Professional Indemnity, Liability, Energy, Credit & Surety through to Film Production and Event Cancellation. 
Tokio Marine HCC’s Credit Division operates from offices in Leicester and London and provides the full suite of insurance structures to a wide range of industries covering domestic, export and political risks, with specific expertise in construction, factoring and finance, paper and publishing, food and drink, retail, advertising and media, metals and engineering. 
Tokio Marine HCC’s offering is focused on excellent customer service and clear product wordings delivered through the specialist broker network, with our service offering unrivalled in many key areas:- 
  • Commercial underwriting – every client benefits from a team of 3 commercial specialists who will ensure the policy documentation is produced quickly and accurately, hold inception meetings, undertake full system and reporting training, and be available at all times for ongoing queries and support. This support is available to all clients regardless of size and ensures the adoption of a HCCI credit policy is as seamless as possible, for both client and broker. We are confident it also contributes greatly to the excellent client retention rates experienced. 
  • Risk underwriting – bolstered in 2015 with the establishment of a specialist risk underwriting team, Tokio Marine HCC now has a team of 6 industry specialists supported by a further 5 risk underwriters that ensure unrivalled limit response times and monitoring fully up-to-date for all, with bespoke industry-specific dialogue and meetings that work in conjunction with key clients to ensure knowledge of key risk names is always current. 
  • Claims – the Tokio Marine HCC credit claims service is unrivalled, with the vast majority of all claims paid with cleared funds within 3 days of receipt of notification. Commerciality has been proven over time, with only 7 claims rejected in 2015 in total! Qualified Quantity Surveyors are in-house to assist where necessary, and our service works around clients’ existing contracts and collection procedures to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 
This overall commitment to provide unrivalled service levels, allied to a long-term and stable underwriting appetite, form the basis of the Tokio Marine HCC offering. 
Damien Dawson, Caroline Davies, Leigh Carnie, Andy Aldridge and Ray Massey and Jane Hull are all very happy to expand and detail how that could be tailored to individual needs as appropriate.

Divisional Executive Management
Mr Martyn Ward, Head of Credit and Surety
Mrs Jane Hull, Underwriting Director - Credit
Mr Ray Massey, Underwriting Director - Credit

The Grange
United Kingdom
Phone +44 1664 424 896
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