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About this Issue's Sponsor: AIG
AIGTrade+ is a trade credit product which uses technology to combine “ground up” cover with non-cancellable credit limits and is suitable for businesses with an annual turnover between £5 million and £50 million.
Features & Benefits
AIGTrade+ provides credit limits that are non-cancellable for 12 months. Credit limits are calculated automatically using trading history or set by an AIG underwriter, relieving the client of responsibility for setting discretionary limits and the customer analysis this involves.
AIGTrade+ uses an online platform to analyse how the policyholder’s buyers are performing. It displays an up to date picture of exposure cover, provides stop shipment alerts and ensures policy compliance by removing the need for overdue reporting and turnover declarations.
AIGTrade+ enables a simplified claims process due to pre-approved limits and invoice data being already captured within the IT platform.
To find out more please contact Jon Barnes on 020 7954 8347 or via email: or speak to a member of the UK Trade Credit team.
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