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2015 has been an especially noteworthy year for QBE Trade Credit in Europe as we have celebrated our 10th successful year of operation. The world today is vastly different from the one in 2005 when we wrote our first whole turnover policy and so is QBE Trade Credit. We’ve come a long way since then. Our proposition today is global, interconnected with QBE Trade Credit across the world, and includes selective covers for a wide range of customers: single accounts, agreed accounts, major debtors, top accounts, excess of loss and top-up cover.

We’ve also developed a reputation for delivering market-leading customer service, with real-time underwriting decisions, exceptional limit turnaround times, an impressive record of paying claims and the development of new services to help clients review their Binding Contracts and Terms & Conditions. This service-orientated approach is supported by our global management platform Trade Credit System (TCS).

In the post recovery world it is increasingly clear that our future success and growth depends on how we respond to the changing demands of our customers and brokers. Our proven track record of developing new products and services for traditional as well as new sectors such as financial services, is evidence of our flexible and open-minded approach to doing business.

Our investment in talented industry experts in both our trade credit and surety teams allows us to deliver this superior service and create products that suit a growing interest in using trade credit in more innovative and flexible ways. In 2016 we’ll continue to expand our product range and enhance our policy coverage.

Credit insurance is changing and so are we. We look forward to 2016 and working together to manage risk and help trade take off.
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