Q. Favourite book?
A. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Q. Favourite music?
A. Soul

Q. Ideal weekend?
A. Golf, meals and watching my kids at football or netball.

Q. Country or city?
A. Country - South of France

Q. Favourite film?
A. Life of Brian

Q. Last holiday? 
A. Mexico 

Q & A  with Ian Bocca, Manager, Commercial Underwriting at QBE

Q.  What was your first job?
A.  Stockkeeper at Harrods

Q. Please describe your current job?
A.  Managing the commercial trade credit team at QBE Europe, both existing and new business.

Q. Who is the business person you most admire?
A. Lord Weinstock (showing my age) took a number of under performing UK electronics companies and formed GEC.

Q. What is the most important lesson you have learned in business?
A. The customer is always right.

Q. What business accomplishment are you most proud of?
A.  Working with the team at QBE in being creative and innovative in expanding our product and portfolio to meet customer needs.

Q. In your experience, how has the trade credit insurance industry changed over the last few years?
A. More products, more innovation in our market driven by increased competition which gives a broader choice to customers and potential customers.

Q. What do you think the industry's next big challenge will be?
A.  To keep our nerve as the economic situation becomes even more difficult and support our customers.

Q. Do you think the UK should stay in or leave the EU?
A.  Stay

Q. What do you enjoy in your spare time? 
A. Golf

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