The broker team of Farosol provides a strategic range of tailored credit insurance products, as well as complementary services in the field of credit management. Farosol members cover multiple countries which provide an unrivalled international footprint and a significant direct advantage for our clients. This enables international companies to negotiate globally competitive rates and solutions for credit insurance and credit management services, but still be serviced by independent brokers with local expertise.
Farasol's pulse is based on relationships, service quality, fairness and information transfer delivered to you with passion and enthusiasm as an experienced partner for quality credit management solutions.
We consistently meet the needs of clients seeking results in these complex global markets to mitigate risk and boost profitability.  These skills form the basis for our group members' year on year success.
Due to the international experience and contacts of the founding partners in meeting other specialized broking companies Farosol has become quickly established with 13 members covering more than 20 countries. Our clients ever changing demands are central to our approach and meeting them is our target.
Client needs are paramount in Farosol’s approach, working across frontiers to put winning strategies in place. In this recent survey of its membership to assess the impact of the Corona epidemic on the global credit insurance marketplace for their customers, a number of themes were evident which supported the ‘thinking globally acting locally’ ethos. For further analysis specific to your region visit the Farosol website (
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