Joint Event:
SCHUMANN and Company Watch: Underwriting Credit Risk Management in the Economic Environment 2023
SCHUMANN, together with Company Watch, discussed underwriting in credit risk management in the economic environment 2023 with top insurance and financial industry experts at the City Of London Club on February 28th 2023. 
Ian Selby (Nexus), Simon Philpin (Markel) and Craig Evans (Company Watch) addressed the following challenges facing the credit insurance industry in the current economic climate in the UK and globally: 

  • Predictions for trade credit insurance in the UK and globally in 2023.
  • Most impacted industry sectors by economic challenges in countries at risk and most challenging industry sectors for trade credit insurance in 2023
  • Expectations regarding claims for credit insurers 2023
In addition to the discussants, Richard Wulff (ICISA), Sean Edwards (ITFA) and John Beaney (HSBC) were available for interviews. 

Hear from these trade credit insurance and finance industry experts in interviews about forecasts for global trade credit insurance and expectations for claims and defaults in 2023, as well as key megatrends in receivables finance and the role of trade credit insurance.

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